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Wichita, Kansas

Published in: Chapter news |

President Steve mentions finding cool and low cost summer events. One was a visit to the Wichita Aviation Museum on half-price day. Another event considered was indoor miniature golf. The chapter had 22 members at the annual Stonewall event. The chapter recently celebrated their 19th anniversary. The Founders Day Event had 36 people in attendance. Food was plentiful. President Steve gave out certificates of appreciation. The Clyde Mason Award was presented to Richard U. for his contributions to Prime Timers. Activities Director Martin mentioned in his newsletter report that the Founders event was one of the best ever.

Nanaimo, British Columbia

Published in: Chapter news |

The chapter has prepared a Constitution and will submit it to members by email. There will be a comment period where comments will be distributed to members. Later a YES/NO vote will be taken. Loren Olson will be speaking at the Victoria Chapter. The Nanaimo chapter will have several attending members. The chapter has also scheduled a trip to Salt Spring Island to share in the Island's Pride Parade and celebration. The chapter is floating the idea of having a September 2019 cruise to Hawaii out of Vancouver. There would be five days at sea and five days cruising the islands of Hawaii.

Hamilton, Ontario

Published in: Chapter news |

The September newsletter opens with a picture of Worldwide President Jack Nimmo and talks of his September visit. He will be lunching with the chapter at the Royal Botanical Garden. It's one of only a handful of royal gardens with the most well known being Kew Garden in London. The club is dealing with buying food for an event and then not having members who signed up to attend show up. The club will try a purchase reservation and payment system. The chapter is scheduling several outdoor events, including a bicycle ride on Toronto Islands (Lake Ontario), Niagara Falls bicycle ride, hiking and St Georges Apple fest. They are looking for interested members for a chess group. Some single members are looking for travel companions. Eastern Canada and Cuba have been suggested destinations.

Rhode Island

Published in: Chapter news |

Steve suggests some small group activities, including reading a book and discussing it, taking a walk around the park or attending a show. He also mentions the Providence Gay Men's Chorus starting rehearsals for their December show. Newsletter editor Stanley mentions an article about prostrate cancer and the newer treatments available now. Rhode Island chapter participated in the August celebration of Prime Timers with Boston and Connecticut chapters (see page 7 ). There were 81 in attendance. The chapter is participating in the Halloween Bash with Boston and Connecticut chapters.

Chicago, Illinois

Published in: Chapter news |

A few years ago the club wanted to rent a boat for an August party on Lake Michigan. With the cost too high, the event was changed to a party on land. Hence, it was turned into the Annual No Boat Party. The chapter newsletter mentions an LGBT Widowers group that meets periodically. The Chicago Prime Timers annual Dinner Dance will be held in late October. After cocktails, a sit down dinner will be served. Then comes dancing with the Chris Forte Band followed by a cake and coffee dessert buffet. Some chapter members attended a Jazz Concert held at a local museum. The performance was outdoors and chairs, snacks and beverages were permitted.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Published in: Chapter news |

The Oklahoma chapter celebrated its 25th anniversary in September. The chapter is also remembering members who have passed away over the years. The club purchased polo shirts with the club logo for the 25th anniversary. There were four members 25 years ago. The founders wanted to bring Woody Baldwin's mission to Tulsa. Current and charter members Bob G. and Chuck C. helped bring that mission along to 2018. The anniversary celebration was held at a local steak house.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Published in: Chapter news |

President Ted writes about how diverse Prime Timers are and in his lifetime Prime Timers may be the most diverse group he ever associated with. He mentions Labor Day and his growing up in a union home and all the employments and professions encountered with Prime Timers. He asks that we enjoy the wonderful diversity of our brotherhood.

President Glenn writes in his letter to the chapter about how much he enjoys fall. He observes watching the kids waiting for their school buses but nowadays with all their heads down looking at electronic devices. He mentions that he controls the use of his devices and wants to engage more with the world around him and with people. The chapter is promoting Quatrefoil Library which is an LGBT organization. They offer an afternoon of coffee, games, and socialization. Visitors may bring additional games, snacks, water, and drinks. On Labor Day, several Prime Timers attended a special event called "Courage and Compassion: Our Shared Story of the Japanese American World War II Experience".

Austin, Texas

Published in: Chapter news |

The chapter held its summer kick off with a Memorial Day Pool Party. They wrapped up with a Labor Day Pool Party. The club has been making a special effort to hold holiday themed events on the actual holiday so Prime Timers will have a place to go during the holiday. Austin Prime Timers has participated in the Austin AIDS Walk for several years and will participate again this November. The chapter is proud it has been one of the top fundraisers for that organization in each of the last three years. A recent APT newsletter listed new members with their interests and hobbies.

Tampa Bay, Florida

Published in: Chapter news |

Member Brad G. shares his story in the September newsletter, titled "My Life as a Stripper (It's Not What You Think)". The chapter is asking members to be aware of event reservation requests. Recently, twice the number of members showed up for a reserved event, creating stress for the host. The chapter will use an online reservation system. The chapter honored Labor Day in the newsletter with an article accompanied by historic pictures of laboring men. Back to Brad G., a "stripper" is a skilled position in the printing industry.