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Wichita, Kansas

Published in: Chapter news |

President Steve took a minute to thank all members for making Wichita Prime Timers the friendliest group in Wichita. He has heard compliments on the members congeniality, especially the new members. In addition to Thanksgiving and Christmas pot lucks, club members will prepare a meal to serve to others during the holiday season. Some members were interested in seeing the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. The cost is under $6 and includes popcorn. They are also looking forward to seeing the film, Boy Erased.

Columbus, Ohio

Published in: Chapter news |

The chapter had a Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Members brought side dishes. The annual Christmas party will be in mid-December. President John reminds members if someone is unable to afford the cost of the Christmas party, the Board will accommodate them and keep the information private.

Tampa Bay, Florida

Published in: Chapter news |

The November newsletter started out with the words THANKS-LIVING. Several members shared their memories and comments about the Thanksgiving Season. Here are some of the titles which give a hint to the content: Brad - An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving; Wally – Fish and Pie; Chuck – A Year of Thanksgiving; Steve – An Unseen Hand; Wil – Friends, Family and Cornbread Chicken Dressing; Charles – The Person I Wish I Could Thank. The Chapter newsletter has a similar feature in the December issue with the theme of members' memories and comments of the Winter Holiday Season.

Orlando, Florida

Published in: Chapter news |

The Orlando chapter's ongoing program "Good Deeds" is expanding in December, providing holiday gifts to people in need. Toys will be collected and given to Nicks Family Diner's Christmas distribution program. Seniors First which runs the area Meals on Wheels and other services will be a beneficiary as well as Hope and Help of Central Florida, an AIDS service organization. In October, members took a Sun Rail (Commuter Railway) excursion to Sanford. Plans are in the works for their Christmas dinner on a riverboat cruise.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Published in: Chapter news |

The President mentions plans for the December's Christmas Party. The chapter newsletter had several pictures of Prime Timer members participating in events around New Orleans. A member recently retired. He was previously unable to attend some events due to his work schedule and now is pleased to have opportunities to attend more activities.

San Antonio, Texas

Published in: Chapter news |

SA Prime Timers are moving ahead on preparations for hosting the October Prime Timers Worldwide convention. This year's Christmas Party will be held in the same hotel as the October Convention. On November 11th, the chapter released a Veterans Day Special Edition newsletter to members. Seventy-seven members have identified themselves as U.S. Veterans. Twenty-four of them submitted their military stories for the special newsletter. SA Prime Timers were motivated by the Tampa Bay chapter that did a similar project for Memorial Day.

Seattle, Washington

Published in: Chapter news |

In President Dennis' message, he talks about community values of freedom, diversity and dignity. He mentions the winter holidays as a time to celebrate peace and goodwill. Members may choose from many programs and activities in and around Seattle for LGBT Seniors. The chapter's Christmas Party will have a complementary buffet. The gift exchange will be in view of the Space Needle.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Published in: Chapter news |

President Ray thanks the board members individually, highlighting what each position entails and how each current board member works on that position. A new board was elected in November. The chapter had their Thanksgiving event on Thanksgiving day. A Christmas party and dinner is planned for mid- December.

Denver, Colorado

Published in: Chapter news |

President Dick writes about "why does time feel like it goes so much faster as we age". He mentions that there are some theories to explain the phenomenon. One example is that as we age we become familiar with our surroundings. Often children see the world as new and unfamiliar. The chapter had a free Thanksgiving Lunch the day before Thanksgiving. The chapter is working on its Christmas Party plans. The location and menu has been set. Christmas gifts and favors have been chosen and wrapped.

Reno, Nevada

Published in: Chapter news |

The High Sierra Prime Timers had a guest speaker at their November meeting. Kathy Baldock, a local author and a predominate female voice for inclusion of the LGBT community in conservative churches, addressed the chapter. Chapter president Larry is calling for a budget to keep expenditures in line with expenses. A list of fund raising strategies has been published in the newsletter. The club will hold its Christmas Dinner and Party in early December. There will be a buffet and gift exchange.