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What are the benefits of being an Independent Member?

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Posted by  | Published in: Frequently asked questions

Gay and bi-sexual men who have become senior citizens or men who admire them are found all over the world. However, Prime Timers Worldwide have chapters in about eighty major metropolitan areas of Canada, the United States, Australia and Israel. That leaves most of the world without an active Prime Timer Chapter nearby. The Independent Chapter was formed to provide an opportunity to be a Prime Timer in places where there is no local chapter. Independent Members are welcomed to attend functions of the various chapter and Worldwide events. The Prime Times and Out and Ins newsletters produced by Prime Timers Worldwide are distributed to Independent members as well as a roster and interest inventory of Independent members. With that, Independent Members can reach out to friends in locations far and wide. The primary benefit of being an Independent Chapter Prime Timer is the link to others with similar interests in remote locations who are also Prime Timers.

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