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Discovering Other Chapters via the PTWW Website

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Posted by  | Published in: PTWW website features & tips

Did you know that Prime Timers Worldwide supports over 70 chapters in major cities around the world? If you are involved in a chapter in your area, you know the invaluable sense community, fun, and camaraderie that it provides for older gay and bisexual men. This sense of community extends beyond each chapter, forming a brotherhood that is truly global in nature. To further this effort, various cities support regional events, cruises, and other activities to draw us closer together.


Are you traveling somewhere and would like to find a chapter in that area to enjoy its activities and make new friends? Or perhaps you are considering moving and would like to discover a chapter to build new friendships. Or perhaps there are other chapters in your area that you are not aware of yet. Look no further than the PTWW website at www.primetimersww.com. All of the organization's chapters are listed by geographic area, so it is easy to locate chapters you are interesting in knowing more about. To view the list of chapters, click the "Membership > List of chapters by country & state" menu at the top of the website. Most chapters in the list sport individual websites and provide contact information, too.


Many chapters now post news briefs about their chapter's doings directly on the PTWW website. It's a wonderful way to find out what other chapters are up to. Who knows, it may even inspire your chapter to try new ideas and activities as well. These news briefs are located on the front page of the website in the "Chapter News" section. An archive of chapter news is located in the "Membership > Chapter news" menu at the top. We welcome your contributions! If you would like to post anything about your chapter's doings (which appear on the website front page), please contact the PTWW webmaster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for instructions on how to do so. Other members will certainly enjoy reading your chapter's news!

Most chapters publish monthly newsletters for their own members, providing a rich source of club activities, noteworthy articles, member highlights, and content that keeps members in-touch with their chapter. There may be other members who wish to know more about your chapter, and newsletters are the perfect vehicle to advertise it. The PTWW website features a chapter newsletter archive where members from around the world can locate and read your chapter newsletters. This area can also contain promotional materials, such as brochures and membership applications. To access this archive, click the "Membership > Chapter newsletter archive" on the menu at the top of the website. You will find that a number of chapters are already posting their monthly newsletters to this area for other members to enjoy and benefit from. If you wish to upload your own chapter's newsletters to the PTWW archive, please contact the PTWW webmaster for easy-to-follow instructions.

One of the design goals of the PTWW website is to promote each and every chapter, to give them a voice and presence on the website. We are a community, sincerely interested in each other's activities as we grow in community together. Let your voice be heard! Contribute news about your chapter's doings, post your newsletters, let others enjoy reading more about the successes and experiences of your chapter. Prime Timers Worldwide is a strong community that is truly second to none.

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