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 2019  Websites  Refresh  Project 


We are updating websites for Prime Timers Worldwide and 40+ local chapters in coming months.  Since 50% of online info seekers are using mobile devices, our upgraded websites will have easy-to-read content and quicker search results for info and details you seek.




Local chapters will share "real time" highlights of planned and past activities, along with the WW Newsletter Team keeping you informed of current events.  "Please stand by."

Chicago, Illinois

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Posted by  | Published in: Chapter news

The Member Profile feature of the CPT Herald is about Gary Kenzer, who is the husband of Prime Timers Worldwide newsletter editor Adrian Liau. Another member profile is written as Tom and Bill's Excellent Adventure and focuses on how they got together. Each person writes their own perspective of the adventure. Member Bob Barth writes letters to the editor and reprints one that was recently published in the Chicago Tribune. Bob is also offering a two part workshop in writing effective letters to the editor, It will be open to non-members as well. A tour of the Hanlin Time and Glass Museum was held in July.

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