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 2019  Websites  Refresh  Project 


We are updating websites for Prime Timers Worldwide and 40+ local chapters in coming months.  Since 50% of online info seekers are using mobile devices, our upgraded websites will have easy-to-read content and quicker search results for info and details you seek.




Local chapters will share "real time" highlights of planned and past activities, along with the WW Newsletter Team keeping you informed of current events.  "Please stand by."

San Antonio, Texas

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Posted by  | Published in: Chapter news

The chapter is planning a Veterans Day project to highlight some members' military experiences. San Antonio was inspired by the Tampa Bay chapter who had a similar feature in their newsletter around Memorial Day. A fourth of July party was held at the home of Jack Nimmo and Tim Butler. It was also a Newbie event where the newest members don't pay anything to attend and wear a different colored name tag so longer term members notice and say hello to the newer members. The club is still holding two bowling events every week.

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