Welcome to the Cleveland Chapter of the Prime Timers World Wide. The mission of Prime Timers Worldwide is "To provide mature gay and bisexual men of the world opportunities to engage in diverse activities: making new friendships, receiving support, and experiencing personal growth."

club-informationPrime Timers are mostly older gay or bisexual men. [The national Bylaws do not allow chapters to have female members.] There is, however, no membership age restriction except that a member must be over twenty-one. It is difficult to define a Prime Timer, as they come from all occupations, economic levels, and lifestyles. Some Prime Timers are highly visible and involved while others are not. Prime Timers may be found working as community volunteers or may be active as advocates of gay and other causes. Many frequently attend arts, entertainment, and sports events and enthusiastically enjoy every facet of a public life. Prime Timers can be fathers, can still be married, may be involved in a gay relationship, or just be singles. They are professionals, skilled tradesmen, business operators, and laborers. They still work or are retired. Some are constantly on the go while others enjoy the quiet of home. However, all Prime Timers have the opportunity to meet new friends and go to unique activities suitable to their age and interest either in their local chapter or in the worldwide organization.

anniversary2Our Chapter does not require members to use their last names and our communications with them respect their privacy and confidentiality. Whenever a meeting announcement or newsletter is sent by e-mail, the blind copy feature is used so that each recipient sees only his own e-mail address. We do not publish member's pictures or information without their consent. We have a diverse and friendly membership.

Feel free to drop-in and say hello! Meet our members, make new friends, and have fun. Come to our monthly dinners at members' homes and area restaurants. These events are always on the THIRD Sunday of the month and start at 3:00 PM. With Prime Timers, you will find a rich community of interesting people that will enrich your life as well.

For more information about Prime Timers Cleveland, please call 216-233-9146 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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