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Prime Timers Central Iowa


Remember when you were in your twenties and you loved dancing the night away at clubs? That happens less and less frequently as gay men grow older.

club-informationSocializing is an essential element of healthy aging, and mature men focus more on friendships and relationships. Some older men feel lonely and isolated because of limited opportunities for connecting with other gay or bisexual men. Prime Timers can make this the best time of your life.

Contrary to the stereotype (even within the LGBT community), life isn't over when you reach the dreaded thirty year mark — or even forty or fifty.

How often have you heard an older gay man say, "I wish there were somewhere we could go to talk and hear each other?" Now there is.

Imagine a world where you can live authentically and without a fear of judgment and prejudice, in the presence of other men who understand and accept your difference. Come home to Prime Timers.

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