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Member contributor

Member contributor

Columbus, Ohio

Published in: Chapter news |

Wow! Are they a busy bunch! They have something going almost every day of the month. From Dinner Night Out, Koffee Klatches, Boys Night Out, Movie Nights, Game Nights, if you found yourself in Columbus but not sure how you got there, at least you'd certainly have something to do. Hopefully you have the email address of one of the board members with you for a contact of an activity.

Calgary, Alberta

Published in: Chapter news |

If you are planning a visit that will include their nice city anytime soon, here's a stop to put on your itinerary. Every Saturday morning at 10am, a group meets for coffee and gossip at the Midtown Co-op, located at 1130 - Eleventh Avenue South. Also, several meet at the Eagle on Wednesdays to shoot pool, so if it is during the week or on a weekend.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Published in: Chapter news |

68 members - This month, July, this chapter is also celebrating an anniversary, their 7th. It is being held at the Pittsburgh United Methodist Church, and being catered by the Cooked Goose. The election of officers for the coming year will take place then. They have an active group that enjoys train travel, and have ventured to some interesting

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Published in: Chapter news |

97 members - We are the nation’s bellybutton as three major interstates pass through us. Every now and then someone will come up and ask if we are the PrimeTimers. They'll be traveling through and want to say "hello". So, if any of you will be finding yourselves stopping in our city for the night, we meet Fridays, 5:30ish at Phoenix Rising for Happy Hour; and Saturday at 9am, a small group meets for breakfast at Gusher's in the Habana hotel complex. These happenings are all two blocks south of I-44 on NW 39th at the Penn exit. In fact, you can see the Habana from I-44. Say "hello" and we'll pull up a chair for you to join us.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Published in: Chapter news |

Several of the guys are taking a three-night field trip to Memphis at the end of July. Along with the hotel, some meals, walking tours, Graceland, Soul Museum, Beale Street, BB Kings, this will be a funfilled busy trip for these guys. Besides eating their way across Memphis, they'll be seeing a lot, too. (Looking at your photos, you've got some good-looking guys.)

Melbourne, Australia

Published in: Chapter news |

An interesting article by member Anthony coming out as a gay man to his family at age 55 (See article on page xx). It certainly is a joy when the family shows the love and support is still there. Good on you, Anthony. We're all glad for you.

Cross Timers, Texas

Published in: Chapter news |

Still in Texas, this month on Saturday, the group travels to Graham, Texas for a shindig at the Lost Cafe. The restaurant is closing to all except the P/Ters. By golly, ribs, beef, chicken, a soup and salad bar sounds like all you can eat. The boys will need to bring a hearty appetite and BYOB, if wanted. Everyone is to arrive by 3pm and take part in the rustic ambience of the place, and enjoy the food and fun until 10pm. Guys'll be comin' from all directions, from Fort Worth to Abilene. This sounds like an afternoon not to miss.

San Antonio, Texas

Published in: Chapter news |

Also in Texas, congrats to this chapter too, as they are celebrating their 20th anniversary as a chapter. It will be held Sunday, August 19, at the Victorian
Weinert House in the town of Seguin. The group has the house for the day to relax, play in the pool "con trajes de banos". At 3pm, the guys will enjoy a late buffet lunch with tons of food. What a good day that will be.

Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

Published in: Chapter news |

The group is looking forward to the field trip to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, where they'll observe money being printed. Alas, no samples. They will walk on an enclosed walkway suspended over the production area. All going must have a photo ID along as it is a government secured facility. What an interesting field trip!

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Published in: Chapter news |

The chapter has acquired many restaurants, businesses, motels, museums, etc., to support the group with discount coupons. Their PRIME TIMES AUGUST 2012 newsletter has a couple of pages on coupons and it is a good variety. Good job to the guy that did the research. This is something many chapters have been starting. (It was good to see Glen and his partner in the dining room at the Habana a while back.)


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