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Member contributor

Over the past several months, Dr. Loren Olson, and several friends in Des Moines, IA, have been working to form a new Prime Timers chapter – Prime Timers Central Iowa. Over the weekend of September 22-23, their efforts culminated in a great new chapter. The weekend kicked off Saturday afternoon with a cocktail party at the home of Bruce Gillaspie, followed by a dinner at Louie’s Wine Dive.

The University of Washington Medical School is conducting the “Caring For Partners LGBT Study” to better understand the experiences of LGBT partners experience in making decisions about their partner’s care.

If you have cared for a very sick or injured partner who was in a hospital or a health care facility in the last five years, they would like to talk with you.
Here are the details.

Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston Prime Timers 25th Anniversary Cruise!  The cruise was a great success.  The weather cooperated and everbody had a good time.

New Orleans, Louisiana

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I always enjoy reading Gary's account of their activities, and of the dining rooms into which they venture. We've heard so often the reputation that one cannot have a bad meal in NO, and the chapter certainly enjoys their dine-outs. I enjoy how he jokes with his guys in his writings. Hope to meet him someday.

Atlanta, Georgia

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The chapter has a gardening group. Their summer meeting is July 15, and they will be discussing green plants, exchanging plant materials, cuttings, and tips. Plus there will be plenty of good food and fellowship. This is a potluck luncheon, and with the blast of heat we’ve had, bring a cool and soothing dish.

Miami Valley / Dayton, Ohio

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If you happen to hit their area on a Tuesday, STOP!! At 10am, a group meets at the Panera Bread behind the Town and Country Shopping Centre, then goes to lunch at 11:30am at Buffalo Wild Wings. Go back to your hotel, and take a nap. Then join the group Friends of Italian Opera at 6:15pm at the Spaghetti Factory on West 5th Street. Hey, you'll have a full day.

Louisville, Kentucky

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Congrats to this new chapter! They were presented as a new chapter on December 14, 2011, and in this short time have grown to 22 members. They have elected their first officers and board members, and are on their way. Boy, we're all sure wishing you guys the best.

Orlando, Florida

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If you'll be visiting and enjoying the many attractions of central Florida, before you leave check out the chapter's monthly schedule. They also have many activities during month that you will be sure to enjoy. And if your stay includes the last Saturday of the month, be sure to join 'em for their general meeting.

Washington, D.C.

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One of the members hosted a party on the roof top of his condo residence. It included mature gay organizations in the capitol area, along with three Toronto Prime Time members that happened to be in the city and joined the bash. Never-ending refreshments, buckets of bar-bshrimp, valet parking, live music, a professional photographer, flowing wine and beer, and a hunky lifeguard that begged people to be rescued. Wow! That's doing it up right.

Phoenix, Arizona

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188 members - The chapter has a confidential free resource for gay men over 50. It is moderated by a professional psychologist with an emphasis on older issues. It is an informal group meeting, as you can share if you feel so inclined, or just listen to others share. It meets every other Thursday morning. What a good way to meet for those having definite needs.


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