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Member contributor

Prime Timers of the Desert took an overnight trip to Laughlin, NV. 85 members went on the bus trip, which included soft drinks as well as other beverages. Nobody was saying how much they won or lost at the tables, but all agreed that they had a heck of a lot of fun on the trip. Commented PTOD President Wayne Patterson about the trip “Laughlin is going to miss us.”

A Perfect 300

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Mark Baker, a member of Ft. Lauderdale Prime Timers bowled a perfect 300 game (his first ever) in Tournament competition in February. Congratulations Mark for winning the tournament, and for a great game! He is an inspiration to Prime Timer bowlers around the world.

Rugby in Charlotte

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Believe it or not, this is a Rugby Game in Charlotte NC. 8 Charlotte PT’ers attended. Local celebrity Roxy C. Morecox announced the fame, and the players were wearing their prom dresses during the match. The Charlotte guys noted that the crowd “was very entertained.”

Nineteen of the Charlotte Prime Timers attended the Human Rights Campaign Gala in the ballroom of the Nascar Hall of Fame on Saturday night, February 25. Before the gala, they met at Hank Keppler’s beautiful home for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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These guys are planning a trip by train across state to Philadelphia. The will leave on Tuesday, returning home Friday. As their newsletter reads, ‘they will sample all that Philadelphia has to offer’. Hmmm…..! Sounds good to me. Central Pennsylvania is nice country. I’d like to be along on that trip. We’ll read the recap next issue, I hope.

Dallas / Fort Worth. Texas

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91 members – The guys will be carpooling for a field trip east to the town of Canton, Texas. Canton has the largest outdoor flea market in the country, covering hundreds of acres. They will be meeting enroute for breakfast, so it sounds like a fun day. Be sure to have the plastic along.

Seattle, Washington

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The chapter is having their annual summer picnic at Woodland Park on Sunday, August 19th. Exact details will be coming out later. If any of you will be in the Pacific Northwest, try contacting them for meeting. For those of you that have never been up in that part of the country, you have a real treat in store. It sure is a pretty area.

Cross Timbers, Texas

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If any of us find ourselves in the area west of Ft. Worth: Weatherford, Ranger, Graham, Granbury, Mineral Wells, here’s a suggestion. Check with their website to learn if a social may be scheduled. Many of their members live a some distances, so are not getting together several times a week. Jim Fritsch is their current secretary, and is most amiable. He can clue you in if an activity is happening.

Melbourne, Australia

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The chapter put an article by our founder, Woody Baldwin, in their newsletter, and it is worth using: “Don’t make the natural mistake of judging success on quantity. If you plan a movie night, and only four men show up, don’t think of this as an excuse for discontinuing the event. If the four men have a good time, get to know each other, and find fellowship, then there are four men that did not sit home bored and alone. And, as they talk of the good time, the number will grow. Remember, we’re trying to bring happiness to older guys.”

Wichita, Kansas

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At the last general meeting, which is generally a potluck, they’ll chose a theme. The time the chose the theme Breakfast for Dinner. Hmmm? As mother told us it was, but is breakfast still the most important meal of the day if it comes at dinnertime? They had several casseroles, apple omelets, sausage burritos, along with tons of desserts. Sounds like a breakfast I'd sure eat anytime.


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