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Member contributor

Member contributor

Miami Valley / Dayton, Ohio

Published in: Chapter news |

This coming August 19, the chapter is having their annual Gay Men’s Pig Roast. It is held out in Possum Creek Metro Park at the Prairie Dock Shelter. They will be barbecuing a whole hog, and there will be plenty of fixin’s to go along with it. All this sounds like fun, so if your chapter is fairly close to the area, make your reservation, and plan on a good time.

Phoenix, Arizona

Published in: Chapter news |

184 members – This is for men over 50. The chapter refers to a professional psychologist that holds sessions for elders regarding senior issues. It is informal, so they come to listen, and some share experiences.

Washington, D.C.

Published in: Chapter news |

The chapter is planning a long weekend getaway to Rehoboth Beach on the Delaware coast. The dates are August 9-12, and they’ll be staying at the Sandcastle. The chapter is booking out the motel, but if you are nearby, think about looking them up during the weekend.

Central Virginia / Richmond

Published in: Chapter news |

The guest speaker for the June meeting is the well-known author and gay psychiatrist, Dr. Loren Olson. A father and a grandfather, he finally came out. In 2009 he married his partner of 24 years. He has been an excellent resource for older gay men. The chapter is expecting a good-sized crowd to attend.

Vancouver, Canada

Published in: Chapter news |

Their guys are into the theatre season with several on their list. Two already having passed that were enjoyed were “Hello, Dolly” and “Victor/Victoria”. A restored version of “The Wizard of Oz” was shown, as was “The Importance of Being Earnest”. The last being mentioned was “The Last Days of Judas Iscariot”, the writer commenting that the guy that played the Jesus character sure had a gorgeous butt! Glad so many appreciate good theatre.

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