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Michael Stone

Michael Stone

As the biennial Prime Timers Worldwide Convention approaches, the Board of Directors and I want to encourage your chapter to participate in-person. The host chapter, Chicago Prime Timers, has put together a great program including the Keynote Address, Workshops, Buffet, Halloween Masquerade Ball, Gala Banquet on the closing night, Dinner Cruise on Lake Michigan (optional), and the Hospitality Room. There will the Business Meeting of the chapter representatives and the Board as well as board meetings to conduct during the formal part of the convention, but there will be time available to see and enjoy Chicago.

We all know deep down inside that growing older can have a very serious downside to it. Once we've lost the ability to care for ourselves, the picture can be bleak. Money problems can greatly affect the care we can afford. When physical conditions limit the ability to participate and interact, the picture grows even darker.

We all read about it constantly in newspapers and online. We've sadly become familiar with the words "Hackers", "Imposter Scams", "Fraud', and "ID Theft". We tend to be cautious in what we reply to and know when not to reply. Despite exercising caution, I'm sad to report to you that our organization was recently scammed. We have been awaiting the results of the six-week FBI investigation and police report. The first of those investigations has been reached with no results.

Dick Bourbeau

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It is with great sadness that I inform his many friends and fellow Prime Timers of the passing of Dick Bourbeau. Dick passed away quietly in his sleep on December 3rd in Hawaii after battling health problems for the past few years.

Way back when (around 2006), I heard from a man (H.B.) in the Columbia, S.C. area who expressed an interest in Prime Timers. Two years later, I heard from another fellow in the same area. I sent out a "chapter startup kit", but he claimed that the area was too "red neckie" and couldn't get anything started. Subsequently, he moved and now resides in Florida.

At each biennial convention, the board interviews candidate committees for the next convention (in October, it will be for the 2019 convention). What makes for a successful convention is competition. In past years, we've had as many as four chapters make presentations. Your chapter needs to jump on the bandwagon right now to get an early start.

Prime Timers sits on my shoulders and wraps around me and keeps me warm. I reach out and it's always at my fingertips. I wear it like an old familiar jacket. Its arms wrap around me like those of an old and trusted friend. It makes me available to all the world and then rewards me with all the hundreds of wonderful men and friends I've met through its embrace. This love affair began in July of 2001 and will always be an integral part of me.

When visiting our chapters in the Southeast this past April, I learned about plans for an upcoming event. While not an official "Regional Event", this was to be smaller and aimed at participation from chapters in North and South Carolina. It was called "Carolinas Prime". It was being done as a warm-up for a possible regional in the future.

Each year when we send out our reminders of annual chapter dues, we ask that you send us a CIS. (Chapter Information Sheet). The Worldwide Secretary and board keeps a database of information for each chapter. As soon as we receive this, we post the updated results. We realize that this often arrives at the start of the year when new boards are newly elected and, quite often, never gets completed or sent-in.

Way back in about 2004, then Prime Timers President Pat Karr came-up with a way of recognizing chapters by awarding them a written charter. It was a great idea and a great document. The first ones were very large and signed by each board member. They were hard to frame and difficult and expensive to mail. Eventually, they sort of drifted away.

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