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Tom Hammond

Tom Hammond

Chicago, Illinois

Published in: Chapter news |

A couple of Chicago-related articles in the March newsletter: A member reminisces his experiences with the John Hancock Building, now renamed 875 N Michigan Avenue, while another mentions the city's public transportation options for those who don't drive.

Central Florida / Orlando

Published in: Chapter news |

Ken opened his President's Message by mentioning the 17 people killed in south Florida and called for a need to end these killings. Member Andrew presented his Marionette Show "My Friend Gus". The club was then provided a catered lunch after the show. At the General Meeting, guest Michael Beckwith spoke to the members. He is a Hydrologist with the US Geological Survey. He watches the water quality and water flows in the area.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Published in: Chapter news |

President Ray Plummer put out the suggestion that small home events are possible. Some suggestions are a Book Group, Progressive Dinners, and Game Night, with more listed in their newsletter. The host could limit the size of a group before reservations are taken. In late March, the club made its annual trip to Laughlin. It was a four-day event with room rates under $32 per night plus tax. The club had a hospitality suite and listed more than a dozen possible activities in which members could participate.

Des Moines, Iowa

Published in: Chapter news |

The newsletter emphasizes good photography. In the event pictures there are large pictures of members with smiling faces and people engaging in conversation. The club's monthly activities include Dine Outs, Breakfast Out, Dominoes, Evening Coffee, Morning Walk and Talk followed by Coffee.

Columbus, Ohio

Published in: Chapter news |

Several Prime Timers are participating in the April AIDS Walk Central Ohio. The club has an active list of monthly events including twice weekly Koffee Klutch, weekly Boys Night Out and at least once a month Movie Night, Euchre Night and Sunday Brunch.

Palm Springs, California

Published in: Chapter news |

The Palm Springs chapter newsletter starts out with a short history of Woody Baldwins' founding of Prime Timers. Ralph Sheplow founded the PTOD chapter and started growing the chapter to what it has become today. Acting president Ron Williams also shared his first Prime Timers experience. The chapter is having a four-day trip to Laughlin Nevada with an optional excursion to Lake Mead with a boat cruise.

Vancouver, Canada

Published in: Chapter news |

P.T. "FRIENDS" gives the opportunity for a member to linkup with other nearby prime timers. A brief phone call is made daily at an agreed time. Social contact is encouraged. At the March membership meeting, a "Possible Treasures" event was tried when members brought in an unwanted item that someone else might enjoy. Bicycling begins in April starting with easy rides which will gradually lengthen. Rides occur in good weather only and include refreshment stops.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Published in: Chapter news |

Membership chair John is asking that everyone bring in a new member for the 25th year of TAPT. He suggested that members work Prime Timers into their conversations and that most people like a personal invite for them to say yes to TAPT membership. Member Steven has been updating the TAPT website for the group.

Seattle, Washington

Published in: Chapter news |

President Dan recalls his training in diplomatic school for an assignment years ago. He related diplomacy to everyday life situations. He reminds us to just be good to each other and to remember we are all Ambassadors. The steering committee decided that all members were sent a Valentine's Day card "in the spirit of outreach". The March newsletter has many pictures, including one of a deliciously iced birthday cake that says 215 Years of Happiness: Juan, Robert, and Dan.

Rhode Island / Providence

Published in: Chapter news |

Recently, there was a discussion if the chapter would physically participate in upcoming pride events. Some thought it would not benefit the chapter. An alternate plan was discussed where the chapter would support the printed booklet for pride. Member Chuck wrote a short story titled "Immigration" that has been published in their chapter's newsletter. He was inspired by a small item he saw at a thrift shop. Also in the newsletter is an upbeat article about prostate cancer.

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