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Tom Hammond

Tom Hammond

Denver, Colorado

Published in: Chapter news |

67 Prime Timers and guests attended the 30th annual Christmas Party. See article below. The club will use the same venue for the 2018 Christmas party and even has the date set. A March event will take club members for a two-hour ride on the Winter Park Ski Train. Members need not ski nor be a skier.

Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

Published in: Chapter news |

This year's goal is to reach out to potential new members. Advertising and in person booths at festivals or Pride Events may be used. In addition to recurring monthly activities, the club newsletter has a calendar of special events set up for the entire year.

San Antonio, Texas

Published in: Chapter news |

In mid-February, the Chile Cook Off will be hosted by Greg and Bruce. Contestants will bring pots of chili that are judged by a panel chosen from the membership. Members without chili will bring appetizers, vegetables, corn bread, and desserts. The cook-off has become a popular annual event. After everyone has eaten, a western wear contest is held with winners judged by non-participants. Certificates are awarded for best chili and western wear.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Published in: Chapter news |

President Ray P. mentions changes coming to the chapter. In the January newsletter, he honored outgoing board members and introduced the new ones. The new board took their positions at a mid-January Appreciation Banquet.

Melbourne, Australia

Published in: Chapter news |

Vintage Men are ready to celebrate Midsumma Festival coming in January and February. The club has scheduled an event at Midsumma Carnival. Some club members participate in Joy 94.9 radio shows. Joy 94.9 FM is Australia's first and only gay and lesbian community radio station. Podcasts are also available.

Phoenix, Arizona

Published in: Chapter news |

Their largest ever December Holiday Party had 123 people in attendance. A gift was given to everyone and there was a drawing for door prizes. Outgoing and incoming board members were all introduced. The chapter is forming a Phone-A-Friend program. A volunteer would call a member every day to touch base with them. The Phoenix chapter is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. The year will have a series of special events that started with a January 25th Anniversary Kick Off Dinner.

Seattle, Washington

Published in: Chapter news |

The Interim Chairman reminded members that many Seattle Prime Timers become instant and long-lasting friends. He thanked members who worked on keeping the club going. The club prints its Steering Committee Minutes in the newsletter providing information to the membership. Seattle is also looking at Mardi Gras and offering a third party Mardi Gras program.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Published in: Chapter news |

President Jim greats members with a New Year message. The minutes of the last board meeting are published for all members to see. There is a picture with members and Prime Timers Worldwide President Jack Nimmo who made a surprise visit. The chapter has a double calendar, one with chapter events and the second with community events.

Hamilton, Ontario

Published in: Chapter news |

Hamilton started out the new year by changing the look of their newsletter and changing its name to PRIME NEWS HAMILTON. The January issue is offering a survey for members to suggest activities for the coming year. It looks like Hamilton Prime Timers had a great December with a Holiday Dinner and a New Year's Eve party as well as other recurring events.

Central Florida / Orlando

Published in: Chapter news |

In his New Year message, president Ken B. cites the success of the "Good Deeds Project". Looking forward to 2018, the recipient will be Orlando Union Rescue Mission. The club will be collecting items through spring. 46 members and guests celebrated a Christmas dinner on a three hour riverboat ride. Weather was good and there were no jackets in the pictures. The menu looked pretty good too with Prime Rib, Salmon, Chicken and Vegetarian as entrée choices.

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