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Tom Hammond

Tom Hammond

San Antonio, Texas

Published in: Chapter news |

(181 members): To close-out the summer each year, many of the guys head to Port Aransas along the Gulf Coast. They stay at the Sand Castle Condos each mid-September. It's a great get-away of sun, fun, surf, companionship, and a lot of good eats. All the good photos say, "For sure, next year."


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Published in: Chapter news |

It was good to see our former president Jerome among the 21 of us at our Tuesday lunch this past week. He is now going through therapy in his recovery from the stroke. Many, many thanks to Alex for stepping in, taking over the regular chores, and getting us through Labor Day. Man, Alex is a good worker. We lost our oldest member, Ernie LaFerriere, in later October. He was 92 years old. His smile is missed.

Seattle, Washington

Published in: Chapter news |

It was interesting to read the article written by Prez Dennis. He wrote about the upcoming elections and the number of gays and lesbians that are running for elected office in their state. This is very encouraging. Many of our guys like the city of Seattle and we often hear of a member travelling to the area. The third Saturday of the month is their monthly potluck at 2 p.m. Capitol Hill Presbyterian at 1729 Harvard is their meeting place. You'll be glad you stopped by.

Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

Published in: Chapter news |

(80 members): October is State Fair month. If you are a 62 plusser, it is free admission. They all met at the DART station, and had a great afternoon. It included walking through an original sized Roman Sisteen Chapel. The deep fried breaded cauliflower with cinnamon whipped cream sounds delightful.


Graham, Texas

Published in: Chapter news |

Tim hosted the October get-together at the historic Gholson Hotel in the town of Ranger. The old hotel, dating from 1921, was the center of backroom activities and oil deals during the oil boom days. It is now a residence hotel and of interest, so a good group attended. Thanks for hosting, Tim.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Published in: Chapter news |

(122 members): Here's an interesting monthly meeting. It will be held out at the Laurel Ridge Farm way out in the town of New Richmond. It will be a potluck dinner and all are asked to bring a favorite side dish (hey, how about that soccer player from Stuttgart?). The charge is to pay for the space out on the farm. If you are in the area on a Friday night, meet downtown Cincinnati at 6 p.m. at the bar called Below Zero.

Denver, Colorado

Published in: Chapter news |

(178 members): This year's annual summer picnic bash had about 60 in attendance. They drove up into the mountains to Lookout Mountain Park and took along two guests from Australia. The chapter furnished drinks and the chicken, so the guys brought along the side stuff. They played bingo until the winds started blowing and the chips flew. A good time was had by all, for sure.

Palm Springs, California

Published in: Chapter news |

At one of last month's socials, many boxes of goods were brought and donated to the Desert AIDS Project Food Bank. Many brought pet food as many of the PWA's have pets. It was held at the Chill Bar and "gracias" certainly does go to the Bar for giving the space. Reading of activities such as this to help our brothers in-need makes one feel good.

Orlando, Florida

Published in: Chapter news |

The guys are going cruising. Many have signed up to go on the paddle wheeler up the St. Johns River and Lake Monroe. Lunch will be afloat. The group boards mid-morning and is scheduled to return to dry land mid-afternoon. Several also take part in the Senior Coffee Chat at the Gay Center. That's the first and third Friday of the month. Remember, every Tuesday noon is bowling.

Melbourne, Australia

Published in: Chapter news |

Always good to hear from the Vintage Men. Their state, Victoria, has October as Senior's Month. There are "heaps of things to do". Plus, there is free, public metro transportation in the city for seniors for the month. One of the events scheduled is a week of senior dance classes – dances to learn include from wild gyrating line dancing to partnered waltzing. That class sounds like fun! Spring has sprung in Australia!

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