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Tom Hammond

Tom Hammond

For 30 years, "Prime Times" has been the voice of Prime Timers Worldwide. These monthly newsletters are packed full of helpful advice, chapter activities in your area and around the world, personal stories, and more. Yearly subscriptions are $14 which includes delivery. To receive "Prime Times" and "Outs and Ins" by mail, address a check to "Original Prime Timers Worldwide", then mail it to: Tom Hammond, 15439 Valley View Road, Doylestown, Ohio 44230. You may subscribe for more than one year as well as larger quantities for your chapter membership. Thanks for your support! To read issues for free online, please visit www.primetimersww.com then click the Newsletters link at the top.

Rhode Island / Providence

Published in: Chapter news |

One of the members lives beachfront on a pond and hosted the chapter's July 4th Party. They had a large bonfire, horse shoes, karaoke, and enough food for days. Unfortunately, though, there was no skinny dipping. A house down the beach had huge fireworks out over the water. This sounds like a Fourth to remember.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Published in: Chapter news |

Several of the guys volunteered to set in the Prime Time Booth at Tulsa's Pride. Good for them, putting a face out into the gay community.

Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

Published in: Chapter news |

The Senior Passport holders took a daytrip north to the Win Star Casino across the Red River / state line into Oklahoma. An all-you-can-eat breakfast, gaming tables, slots, and world-themed-casinos equals nothing but endless excitement and bragging about all the money won. We thought of driving down and trying to find a group that looked like us, and join 'em for a few hours.

Denver, Colorado

Published in: Chapter news |

The chapter keeps track of how many attend social events and during the month of June, 191 attended. Great! At Gay Pride this year, the chapter worked the beer,
soda, and water stations. They made 331 bucks in tips and that was contributed to the chapter. Hey, alright! Plus, it's a good place to meet hunks that come to quench the thirst. Some chapter guys volunteered to work many hours.

Phoenix, Arizona

Published in: Chapter news |

A loud shout-out to David Holman and Tom Young. They celebrated their 47th year together, having shared life since June 11, 1970. Hip-hip-hooray to them! The chapter is starting two new social groups. One, a Bridge Group, and the second is a Crochet Club. Glad to see groups for all chapter interests.

Palm Springs, California

Published in: Chapter news |

The chapter is thinking about their float in the Palm Springs Gay Pride Parade come early November. If anyone wants a week's get-away to the desert, that will certainly be a good week to take. Contact the chapter's website for their events that will happen that week. Good photos in the newsletter, guys!

Melbourne, Australia

Published in: Chapter news |

It is good to receive the Vintage Men's busy newsletter. The guys have three or four events happening each week: lunches, movies, get-togethers, and an event they call a "Watch-Chat-and-Chew". I can only imagine what that involves, having been to their fun country and seeing the handsome Aussie men.

Seattle, Washington

Published in: Chapter news |

July's newsletter was excellent. Those jokes sounded like the church where I grew-up. In August, the chapter is having their annual summer picnic in Woodland Park. Then the chapter's 25th anniversary will be held in October. If you will be finding yourself in their city, notice that the bus routes are mentioned to get to all their functions. Great idea for those that choose not to drive.

Wichita, Kansas

Published in: Chapter news |

Congrats to two of the chapter's members: Joe Mueller and Gary Rickets. They were in the city's Gay Pride Parade with a sign stating they've been together for over 43 years. They were not only photographed on the float, but also interviewed for the evening news. Wow, 43 years! Glad that the city recognized them.

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