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Tom Hammond

Tom Hammond

Toronto, Ontario

Published in: Chapter news |

The chapter is sponsoring the film "Grimsey" at the Inside Out Film Festival. The board is considering having dues paid on the same date rather than in the month of a members birthday. Membership input is being sought.

Nanaimo, Canada

Published in: Chapter news |

The chapter held a Cinco de Mayo pot luck featuring Mexican food on May 5th, the day of the Mexican Army's defeat of the French in 1862. The chapter is attracting members from an even wider geographic area of Vancouver Island. The board has been looking at merchandising some items related to Prime Timers.

Rhode Island / Providence

Published in: Chapter news |

Recommended is the novel "A Man Called Ove" by Fredrick Backman. It is about a grumpy unhappy man and his neighbors. Also recommend is "Original Story" by Arthur Laurents This is a memoir of his life in show business. The newsletter editor tells of his March week in Ft Lauderdale and shared several pictures in the newsletter. There was also a call for newsletter material focusing on the members writing about who they are, personal journeys, and individual accomplishments.

New Jersey

Published in: Chapter news |

The Chapter has regular dine outs, including going to one restaurant that offers 50% off on senior meals. Other recent events include a recreational vehicle show, monthly bowling, theater, and an air show.

Washington, D.C.

Published in: Chapter news |

The club participated with Chesapeake Squares, a square dance club during an April weekend at Rehoboth Beach. The chapter also took a tour of the Kennedy Center. The chapter is trying a new advice column in the monthly newsletter.

Chicago, Illinois

Published in: Chapter news |

The chapter is supporting an LGBT Widowers meet-up group for those who have lost partners recently or in the past. Chicago Prime Timers will help by listing the group's events on the CPT calendar. The Windy City Tines will publish information about future Sunday Socials. The monthly event is open to non-members as well as members. The chapter held a Memorial Day cookout. In a recent Member Profile section of the chapter newsletter, Mike tells of his college and middle life years. Through many ups and downs, he finally discovered Prime Timers. Now he serves on boards of several LGBT organizations.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Published in: Chapter news |

President Glenn muses about January and February weather. He sees April as a little snow and a lot of redirection toward warmth, spring cleaning, and focusing on relationships, family, and friends. The History Boys group is back from hibernation with a trip to Bakken Museum, which is focused on the history of electricity and electromagnetism, as well as medical technology.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Published in: Chapter news |

In his newsletter letter to members, President Ted muses about his parents and grandparents, saying "as you grow older, time goes faster". He then writes about the chapter board planning for Cincinnati Pride. Ted mentions his first Pride event and how it impacted his life. He urges members to participate in the Pride celebration in a manner comfortable to them.

Wichita, Kansas

Published in: Chapter news |

President Steve has been reading "Ministry Among God's Queer Folk" by David Kundtz and Bernard Schlager. He comments on some of the book's ideas and relates them to Prime Timers. The chapter participated in The Big Kansas Road Trip in early May. The BKRT highlights rural counties, their towns, and attractions. Participants carpooled the event.

Tidewater, Virginia

Published in: Chapter news |

Past President Jimmy reflects on his five-year tenure as president and welcomes Joe as the new president. The chapter is selling Tidewater Prime Timer t-shits, sweatshirts, ball caps, and hoodies.

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