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Tom Hammond

Tom Hammond

Charlotte, North Carolina

Published in: Chapter news |

The Charlotte Prime Timers were proud to have a booth in this year's Charlotte Pride. The booth looked great and many people stopped by to spin the wheel to win a prize. We gave out a lot of prizes to females and kids, but we took the opportunity to tell the females if they knew of any adult males who could benefit from our group to send them our way, and hopefully the kids gained a good memory of Prime Timers. Most important is that we gained several pages of prospects and lent visible support to the mission of Charlotte Pride. The two-day event set an attendance record at 165,000. The parade on Sunday featured 6,000 people marching in 170 groups. Additionally, there were 42 floats. A special thank-you goes to the numerous Prime Timers volunteers who were responsible for making the booth a reality, including set-up, take-down, manning, and donating prizes.







Toronto, Canada

Published in: Chapter news |

The chapter's book club is reading "Who Do You Think You Are?" by Alice Munro. Saturday night movies are being revived. The club held its annual June Pride Social Event. It delivered food and offered a T-shirt for $10. The Toronto Chapter newsletter had a solicitation for volunteers to work at the Toronto International Film Festival. Also, there was information about Pride Month in June, along with a Pride Social for the Prime Timers on the 21st of that month.

Hamilton, Ontario

Published in: Chapter news |

The club had a table at Hamilton Pride and had several hundred people stop by for information. They had a raffle for 22 men who signed up for Hamilton Chapter email. The winner received a $25 gift certificate. Members working the table wore different outfits to show diversity. A bow tie and parasol, bicycle gear, leather kilt, and a provocative apron were all part of it.

Rhode Island

Published in: Chapter news |

The chapter is planning its 11th anniversary and looking forward to the August tri-chapter meeting involving the chapters of Rhode Island, Boston, and Connecticut (see ad next page).

Boston, Massachusetts

Published in: Chapter news |

The Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is organizing Project Ugly Dress. It's a fundraiser for Community Grants. In the past, the Boston chapter received a grant from Boston Sisters to help replace Boston Prime Timers office computers. The chapter is encouraging members to support and promote the event. Christmas in July was the theme of the July pot luck. A number of Boston area organizations are considering establishing an LGBT Virtual Senior Center. Boston Prime Timers is providing information in the chapter newsletter. The purpose of the center would be to reach out to provide information and services for the older LGBT community.

Washington, D.C.

Published in: Chapter news |

The chapter had a baseball night out with the Nationals. There was a July trip to the Renwick Gallery. Of special interest was the "burning man" exhibit, an event that takes place every year in the Nevada desert. After lunch, there was a walk to the Octagon House Museum.

Columbus, Ohio

Published in: Chapter news |

The board is proposing a change in the election cycle of Council members so that Council member terms would start on July 1st and end the following June 30th. This will avoid having new terms start right after the busy holiday months of November and December. The July Social was held at a member's home and featured a steak dinner. A new potluck system of bringing dishes was tested based on where in the alphabet a member's name falls. The first group brought traditional dinner food, such as beans, slaw, and similar appropriate items. The second group brought snack items like chips or cheese plate. The third group brought deserts.

Wichita, Kansas

Published in: Chapter news |

Chapter members went to the Wichita Riverfest Sundown Parade. There was a performance by the Wichita Symphony followed by fireworks. The club participated in the Stonewall Celebration at the Park City public library. A question that was pondered was "Where were you on June 28, 1969?". A recurring event for the club is "Pitch Night". Pitch is an American card game that was more widely played years ago. A Memorial Day cookout was held and drew a record 52 participants.

Chicago, Illinois

Published in: Chapter news |

The Member Profile feature of the CPT Herald is about Gary Kenzer, who is the husband of Prime Timers Worldwide newsletter editor Adrian Liau. Another member profile is written as Tom and Bill's Excellent Adventure and focuses on how they got together. Each person writes their own perspective of the adventure. Member Bob Barth writes letters to the editor and reprints one that was recently published in the Chicago Tribune. Bob is also offering a two part workshop in writing effective letters to the editor, It will be open to non-members as well. A tour of the Hanlin Time and Glass Museum was held in July.

Des Moines, Iowa

Published in: Chapter news |

A float was prepared for the Des Moines Pride Parade. On the morning of the parade, there were showers followed by thunderstorms. The parade was canceled, although the pride festival went on later in the day. Central Iowa chapter members drove to Omaha for an out- of-town trip. The occasion was to join the Omaha chapter's July picnic. A pool party was held at the end of July at a Central Iowa chapter member's home. Burgers and Brats are furnished by the club. Guests of members were welcome to attend.

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