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Adrian Liau

Adrian Liau

We are starting another new feature with this newsletter's issue: Chapter Spotlight, as you have seen it on pages 2 and 3. Here, we showcase one Prime Timers chapter with a focus on those that are smaller and may or may not have their own newsletter. If you like to be featured in the next newsletter, let us know.

I See Red

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While red has traditionally been associated with danger in the Western world, for the month of February 2018, it means two major celebrations. First up is Valentine's Day on the 14th. The best known origin of this day is based on Valentine, a Roman priest who lived during the third century. When emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage because he felt that single men made better soldiers than married ones, Valentine defied the emperor's decree and continued to perform marriages in secret. When he was found out, Valentine was put to death and his name is celebrated for love and romance to this day.

If you haven't already noticed, I've made some tweaks to the font size and style of the newsletter. More importantly, what I have tried to do is create a seamless reading of the newsletter. That is, I don't want you to read something on page 1 and then have to flip to page 10 to read the rest. The story always continues on the next page. This way, you won't have to go back and forth. I hope you like these changes and if not, let me know how I can help your reading of this newsletter to be more pleasurable.

I was born and raised in Singapore. You know, that strange place where you are not allowed to chew gum. Well, I never liked chewing gum anyway so that rule never bothered me, and I suspect didn't bothered a lot of Singaporeans either.


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