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Steve Therrien

Steve Therrien

By Brandon Witt

Review by
Steve Therrien

This was a wonderful gay romance that ventured beyond the stereotypical story where two hunky guys meet and fall in love, where everything is usually too perfect and not like real life.

Book Review

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A Matter of Time

by Mary Calmes

Jory Keyes is a young gay playboy type who likes to go clubbing and entertains one-night stands. After witnessing a murder, however, his life is changed forever.

In the Flesh

by Ethan Stone

Christian Flesh is an out-and-proud gay cop who finds himself being framed for murder. He's quite the slut, preferring one night stands and quickies to having any real relationship with anyone. To protect himself in this, he has a set of rules he lives by such as "No kissing". Along comes his new lawyer, Colby, who is a closeted gay man. Christian finds himself slowly breaking rule after rule. At first I didn't really like Christian, he was pretty self centered and pretty much admitted he enjoyed being a slut and was proud of this. As the relationship with Colby begins to get more intense, however, we find Christian slowly thawing out to the point where we start seeing his good side. Because of some past hurts, he has protected himself with his initial persona, but through Colby he begins to learn to trust and how to love. The big problem, however, is that he is the suspect in a murder case that stands between him and Colby's relationship. The other problem they must work to overcome is the fact that Colby is not ready to come out as gay which makes no sense to Christian. This was an enjoyable read. The characters are well developed and the plot held my attention throughout the entire book. I would rate it four out of five stars due to the fact that it took a while to warm-up to Christian.

Book Review

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By Maris Black
2015 - 306 pages

I listened to the audio version of this book and it was great!

Jamie Atwood, a 20-year-old college senior, is pretty content with his life and his girlfriend, but then she breaks up with him. He meets a professional fighter named Michael Kage who brings out feelings in Jamie that he would rather deny than accept.

How do others see you? Are you approachable, friendly, and accepting of others? Some people tend to be gregarious with others and have no problem with meeting and including new people. However, for the majority of us, this doesn't come naturally and involves "work" on our part. One of the problems of being in a group is that we tend to define our "comfort zone" within the group then proceed to stay within those limits, but the unfortunate result of this behavior is the formation of "cliques". A clique is defined as a small, exclusive group of people. While cliques of themselves are not necessarily negative things, it is the "exclusive" part that can damage the larger social group particularly when that group has been designed to reach-out and include others.


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