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Manuel Avezuela

Manuel Avezuela

Empty Backyard

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Who will feed my birds when I am gone,
My hands no longer able to spread the seed,
My ears forever heedless to their chat,
When they stir my backyard back to life
in the evening twilight?

Okay, by "bicycle express". But that was how I saw myself, galloping along the St Lawrence, a watchful eye out for the Yankees yonder across the mighty river. The dirt road is now a bicycle lane (sometimes more, sometimes less) that followed, by a stretch of the imagination, the 18th century trail that once bound Canada together.

Of Trees and Men

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BECAUSE they're old,

Because they are like trees,

Because old trees should never be uprooted,

The quantum world
of turtles,

The irrelevance of time,

What We Need

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Only when you are an elderly homosexual between 77 and 97 do you realize that all around you has become cold, lonely, and empty. You may still be able to manage financially, but you need help to do almost everything, including driving. Your closer friends are dead or live far away and it is not easy to make new ones. People usually treat us with respect and consideration, but even the best consider us from a distance, no involvement, no connection. We try to live in our own house, in our own terms and ways, but also start to admit that we may have to move to an Assisted Living facility.


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