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Richard Tobiason

Richard Tobiason

I am serving my fourth and final two-year term on the Board of Directors of Prime Timers Worldwide (PTWW), serving three terms as Secretary, one term as Vice President of Chapters and a portion of a term as Interim Secretary. I am also the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Prime Timers Metro Detroit.

As the Chicago convention approaches, important communications will be sent by email to the Prime Timers chapters. Generally, they are sent to the Chapter President and the Chapter Liaison, but sometimes to the postal mailing address. If the PTWW database does not have correct information about these email addresses or postal mailing addresses, some chapters will miss out on important information.

The annual PTWW Dues Letter and Chapter Information Sheet were sent to the chapters in mid-December so every chapter should have it by the time you read this. The Dues Letter was sent by postal mail to the mailing address of each chapter. An email with both the Dues Letter and the Chapter Information Sheet (CIS) was sent to email addresses shown the PTWW database for the chapter president, liaison and treasurer.

Many chapters have submitted the Chapter Information Sheet (CIS) that was requested with the annual "Dues Letter." This allows the PTWW chapter database to be updated and provide current information for postal mail distribution and email addresses for the chapter officers, especially the President, Liaison, and Newsletter Editor.

In early December, each chapter received an e-mail with the subject "Dues Letter." It is the annual reminder that dues are payable to the PTWW Treasurer by January 31st and the Chapter Information Sheet should be returned to the PTWW Secretary.

The message is sent to the chapter president and the chapter liaison e-mail addresses as shown on the PTWW database. Each chapter should be aware of this request and respond.


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