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Luke Bryant

Luke Bryant

Retired, following 20 years at Monash University, Dept. of Physics as Head of Photographic Laboratory from 1962 to the end of 1982 – to become openly involved with Gay/Lesbian issues in Law Enforcement, particularly those of Gay/Lesbian Victoria Police Officers.

I'm also a member of the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation,  formed  to perpetuate the memory of members of the Victoria Police killed in the line of duty. This is achieved through fund raising with money going to specialized medical facilities in Victorian public hospitals. 

To date, the Blue Ribbon Foundation has allocated more than $3 million to community projects that give specialized treatment and medical care to over 65,000 patients each year.

* See: Articles in Prime Timers, "ACCEPTANCE - NOT TOLERANCE AND HATE-CRIMES"  Pages 10 & 11, February 2012 and "TIMES PAST" Pages 10 & 11,  August 2012. 

Much of my history and photos can be found throughout my website on Yahoo “flickr”.  See below.

By Luke Bryant - Australian Independent Member - Prime Timers Worldwide

Most Countries annually celebrate or memorialize an important event in their histories that involves citizens in a uniform that is identical or of distinctive style. They identify themselves as a member, or supporter of a group or, the uniform is worn to identify their occupation, affiliation, or status.

In the USA, July 4 is "The Day" the Nation celebrates its freedom; this includes a huge variety of uniforms proudly worn by hundreds of thousands of American Citizens, while Memorial Day is for remembering the men and women who died while serving in the USA Armed Forces, it is memorialized every year on the last Monday of May. 

By Luke Bryant, Independent Member, Prime Timers Worldwide

In the later part of the 20th Century, the sometimes painful but relentless journey from "Tolerance" a word that suggests, "Yeah but?" instead of "Acceptance" of the 10 to 15%+ of non-heterosexual people reached an important milestone on June 28, 1969 in the New York "Stonewall Riots" when a series of violent demonstrations by the gay community against a police raid took place and later in 1978 the Sydney Mardi Gras grew from gay rights marches as numerous participants were arrested by New South Wales State Police. This was supported by the NSW politician, Fred Nile, an ordained religious zealot opposed to homosexuality, as he saw it a "lifestyle choice" and the Sydney Mardi Gras a "public parade of immorality and blasphemy".

By Luke Bryant.

An Australian Independent Member
Prime Timers Worldwide. (PTWW)

In years before the 1981 Equal Opportunity and Anti-Sexual Discrimination Act, verbal and physical aggression against gay and lesbian citizens was frequent and sadly, Victoria Police Command seemed unhurried to change procedure prior to Chief Commissioner Kel Glare. Under his watch a part time Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officer (GLLO) was appointed in 1990. In 2000, Neil Comrie appointed of a full time Officer, this was followed by Christine Nixon's expansion of GLLO from 2001. In 2014 there are now at least 12 GLLO Officers throughout Victorian Police Complex's and Stations State-wide.

by Luke Bryant

I have previously reported, in PTWW Personal Stories that I was invited to join other volunteers representing different areas of Victoria's diverse community at the Police Academy. My duties continue re supporting the training of Police Recruits via a program entitled "Community Encounters".

These recruit "Encounters" at the Academy have occurred during 25 sessions to date with about 1000 police recruits and protective service officers over a period of years during 70 or more hours.

I continue to have great opportunities to provide gay input that assists future sworn Officers in their potential response to the many gay issues remaining in the general community.

by Luke Bryant

During the 1950's, I served six years part time in the Royal Australian Air Force, while concurrently employed at Kodak Research Laboratories, Australia. This was the period of the Korean War and nuclear testing in Australia; this was also my first connection to security and law enforcement issues. 

In 1951, I had also been appointed to the Honorary Staff of the Museum of Applied Science (Now Museum Victoria) and lectured on Astronomy at Melbourne Astronomical Observatory.

It was foreseeable that as a undeclared gay guy, I would eventually stand against discrimination toward gays as the continuing legal injustice continued, a situation that is a reminder of three noteworthy quotes: 

Members Responsibilities

Published in: Personal stories |

Several weeks ago, in my article published in Prime Timers World Wide "Personal Stories" I drew attention to the very unpleasant subject of child molestation. I quoted Dr. A. N. Groth, an American clinical psychologist; she had been asked the following question relating to preadolescent children

"Are they at greater risk of molestation from gay men?" Her report, published in 1982 affirmed, "There is no reason to believe so, research indicates no significant relationship between a homosexual lifestyle and child molestation. Further, "...the adult male who sexually molests young boys is not likely to be homosexual"

However in the real world, when child molestation (Paedophilia) is suspected or known, then reported to the relevant employer, the religion's hierarchy or whoever, the usual response is,

"If that happened, we'll deal with it ourselves."

Following three years of amateur interest in photography, it was the Curator at the Museum's Observatory in 1947 (See Astronomical Connections) that suggested I enter a professional photographic career. On reflection I joined a Portrait Studio in Melbourne Central, as an apprentice until late 1951.

In 1952 I transferred to the newly created Kodak Colour Printing Laboratories, Abbotsford, Victoria. In this area of highly qualified scientific/technical specialists, I gained valuable quality instruction. The attached photo shows me (Far right) next to G. Green, the Laboratory Manager and other laboratory staff.

Now aged 83, I’ve looked to see where my interest in classical music began. There are no family related musicians and unfortunately, my school did not teach music, so probably its most likely the interest developed out of early curiosity about space and astronomy, partly resulting from my childhoods Saturday afternoons at the movie theatre, almost glued to the seat when “Flash Gordon” the weekly serial appeared on the screen, with a sound track of classical music. I did not know the music’s composer, but I set about finding out by attentive radio listening to “serious” music in the late 1930s to discover it was the Franz Liszt, Les Preludes, one of the composer’s symphonic poems.

"There continues to be a lot more to a person's sexuality, other than being gay."

Having joined the Royal Victorian Aero Club (RVAC) early in 1950 as an Associate Member, while continuing to live in fear of revealing my sexual preference, by 1952, I'd published "Next Stop the Moon" in the Club magazine. It was a brief review of the lunar surface, 17 years before Russia's Sputnik and NASA's first lunar landing of Neil Armstrong on July 20, 1969.

I often found myself in the air, sitting behind the pilot sometimes practicing aerobatics over selected areas around Victoria. My dual photographic and particularly my astronomical interests attracted the attention of several licensed pilots, including those from the Air Force. They requested attendance at my lectures at Melbourne Observatory. After all, flying and space do have a strong connection. The Air Force guys suggested I should enter the Royal Australian Air Force, (RAAF) perhaps the Reserve.

Australia & N.W. USA/Canada BC

LUKE BRYANT – continues, it as self evident:

“There is a lot more to a person’s sexuality, other than being gay.”

After years of being cocooned in cars and constantly observing motorcyclists from time to time in danger from car drivers, I’d became seriously concerned about their apparent indifference toward two wheels – and the lack of Government action. I decided to become a “Motorcyclist” (Not Bikie) to have the pleasure of fresh air my my face and the freedom to explore the countryside - and perhaps help change car driver and Government attitudes in ways yet not understood.

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