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Vinnie Prim

Vinnie Prim

I am a member of the Prime Timer of the Palm Beaches (Florida) and also participate in the events offered by the Prime Timers of Fort Lauderdale.

Hello Again! This is my second article from the Relevance Committee; my first was in the last Worldwide Newsletter. If you haven't read it, please do. The first thing we did was redefine "prime" and "mature." For any newcomers let me introduce myself again, I am the President of the Palm Beaches Prime Timers Chapter, a Director-at-Large on the Worldwide Board, in charge of the Relevance Committee for the Worldwide Board, and the Chapter Advocate to Worldwide Board for 24 chapters located mostly in the Eastern and Central Time Zones.

Some of you may know me already as your Chapter Advocate representing you on the Prime Timers Worldwide Board of Directors, others I have met at the Prime Timers Worldwide Convention in Chicago last October, but I now want to address to all the Chapters.

I am Vinnie Primerano, one of the newly elected Directors-at-Large on the Prime Timers Worldwide Board of Directors. I am so looking forward to working with such a distinguished, some-experienced and some-new Directors on this current Board. From the three Board meetings we have had so far, I can tell we are going to take the Prime Timers organization to new highs and transform it into an all-encompassing group of gay and bisexual men. The new Board instantly bonded and became fast friends. Many of you may know me already because each Director-at-Large was assigned as Worldwide Board Liaisons to 25 Chapters. My region, with some exceptions, is a backward "C" that extends from New Orleans to Florida, up the east coast to Ontario, Canada, and west to Wisconsin. I am also the Chairman of the Relevance Committee tasked with making the Prime Timers relevant to new and younger members.


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