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Charles Koehler

Charles Koehler

Our St. Louis Chapter's largest annual recruiting event is the massive two-day St. Louis "PrideFest" weekend, welcoming over 250,000 attendees. We secured a strategically located tent space to help increase our visibility and recruit new members. We also built a float to be a part of what became the largest PrideFest Parade in St. Louis History.

The 2016 North America Outgames is coming to St. Louis! And PTSL members will be participating and doing our part to help make it a huge success.

From May 27 through June 4, 2016, an estimated 3,000 to 5,000 LGBTA participants from across the USA and Canada will arrive in St. Louis to attend this massive nine day event, held at over 18 different locations throughout the Metro St. Louis area.

Over the past two years, I had the privilege of serving as PTWW Board Member-At-Large and Chapter Liaison to the 11 incredibly diverse northeastern chapters: Washington D.C., Connecticut, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Rhode Island, Tidewater (Norfolk, VA), Charleston, Central Virginia (Richmond), New York, and the chapter that started it all, Boston.

All together these eleven Northeast Chapters have over 1,000 members and have grown about 5% between 2013 and 2014. While some of these chapters have seen truly impressive growth (29%+) during that time period, a few are facing a serious decline in membership (with steps hopefully being taken to help turn things around).


Starting our St. Louis Chapter of Prime Timers in June 2007 was made so much easier thanks to the great guidance of Michael Stone and the extremely helpful guidelines developed by Woody Baldwin. I would like to pass on some useful tools and tips that have helped us to simplify the daily operation of our Chapter's business, keep our members informed, increase membership, keep expenses to a minimum and ensure a seamless transition of Board leadership in the future.

Discover ways that easy-to-use and free/low-cost technology can help to keep your members connected and informed, increase membership, and make managing your Chapter easier and more efficient. This panel discussion will include the use of Google Voice, web-monitored mail boxes, creative e-mail applications, online surveys, user groups, Square, Facebook, Skype, You Tube, QR codes and more. Topics will also include the importance of establishing policies and guidelines, privacy and security, and special considerations for non-technical members. During the Q&A session, attendees will be encouraged to share additional ways their Chapters have successfully used technology.

Here are the presentation slides that you can view while watching the video.  To advance to the next slide, do not click the right arrow; click the center of the slide instead.


Presentation slides


Presentation handout

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Prime Timers St. Louis Board Member, Will Roth, was selected as one of two 2013 St. Louis Icon Award honorees by the Vital Voice Magazine. The 65 year-old Will, who retired in 2006, was chosen for the honor because of his decades of service to the Gay community and involvement with a half-dozen LGBT organizations. In addition to his Prime Timers position, Will serves on the Missouri State Governor's Council of PROMO and is a member of the Federal Club and Dinner Committee for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Prime Timers St. Louis congratulates Will on this well-deserved honor.


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