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Zach Mullaney

Zach Mullaney

The nation watched, enrapt in horror on September 11, 2001 as the tragedy of the planes hitting the World Trade Center in New York City unfolded. Later, we were to learn a plane also hit the Pentagon and another crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. At our Tuesday lunch in Gusher's at the Habana and then at our general meeting the following Sunday, the guys were asked where they were when they first heard of the tragedy happening and their immediate reaction. Here are some of the replies:

Enemies of the State

by Tal Bauer

The story is set in D.C. in the near future and has two major plots functioning simultaneously. One is the overthrow of the U.S. government as we now know it. The surging Islamic Caliphate is gaining strength in the Middle East and an unknown person in a high position in the administration of our own U.S. government is secretly feeding the Islamic leader pertinent information. The goal of this D.C. insider is to bring down the world powers and to take control. This person has several "inside operators" in the government working to feed that secret information to parties involved. It results in a near-tragedy for the President and for the Secret Service agents along with him to the African conference. The reader will be surprised who the evil "insiders" are, as the defeat draws near and a shootout takes place in the Oval Office.

Ernie LaFerriere

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June 21, 1924 - October 18, 2016

Congratulations to our member Ernie LaFerriere, on his 88th birthday in June. He is as feisty as he ever was. He still drives everywhere, is at many of our functions, attends Expressions Fellowship every Sunday, reads voraciously, has outlived three partners, looks many years younger, and certainly knows how to cut the birthday cake into huge slabs. As soon as he finished his piece of cake, he noticed a number out by the pool at the Habana. He excused himself to head-out to the pool area to check it out. We noticed he had his kneepads with him in his back pocket. That's our Ernie! We wish him many more celebrations in good health. Hey, friend, we luv ya!"

Book Review

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By John Waters
2014 - 320 pages

This is an autobiographical adventure of John Waters hitch-hiking across country on Interstate 70 from his home in Baltimore to his condo in San Francisco. As a young student, he had hitch-hiked often. But now into his 60's, would he be robbed or beaten en route? Would cars even pick up an aging man? Waters proposed the idea to his publishing company. They jumped on it, gave him an advance, so he knew he had to do it. With his trusty cardboard sign saying "I-70 West", this is Waters' cross-country adventure. It is divided into three different parts. The first two parts, fiction, may have been written prior to taking the trip.

Book Review

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A Book You'll Want to Read

Reviewed by:
Neal Downe
Oklahoma City Prime Timers

Tips On Using 911

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Dial 911 in an emergency or to report information to the police. If you are not sure if you should, call 911 and let the dispatcher decide of the situation needs an emergency response. If it is determined your call is not meeting emergency guidelines, the dispatcher will give you the number you will need to call.

Did you know Prime Timers Worldwide has a chapter in Tel Aviv, Israel. About fifteen or so meet twice a week at the GLBT Community Center there in Tel Aviv, on Mondays and Thursdays. The hours are usually from 10 - 1. There is always coffee, and refreshment snacks of some kind. Tel Aviv is very gay-friendly, works closely with the gay community, and operates the center. The city-sponsors many activities for seniors, and many of the guys are also very active with that organization. Usually each month the group will get together for a movie.

Orlando, Florida

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120 members – Many chapters have weekly bowling leagues as a social event. Here also. They meet on Tuesdays at noon at the Three Point Bowling Lanes on Hoffner Avenue in Southeast Orlando. If you are in the Orlando area, and aside from the theme parks, this chapter has something going on most days of the month. Check 'em.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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One of our newer chapters. They also do trash-picking along one of Wisconsin's highways outside of town. There is a sign that the Prime Timers are keeping clean that stretch of highway, so look for the sign if you find yourself in the neighborhood. Glad to see many chapters are contributing to their communities. The city's gay community has an Eau Queer Film Festival at the local branch of the University of Wisconsin. I love it!

Kansas City, Missouri

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If you have business in their city, or are just visiting, the chapter has an ongoing social. Clay tells us that the times and places have changed. Many of the guys now meet on Monday, late afternoons around 5PM for Happy Hour at the Bistro303. If you are not familiar nor know where it is, check the phone book. Better yet, contact their website ahead of your trip. Clay can give you the heads-up on their city.

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