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This area contains all of the news articles from the Prime Timers Worldwide quarterly newsletter.  They are listed in chronological order, with the most recent news article listed first.  Feel free to peruse this article archive; it is chock full of interesting stories from local chapters, the worldwide organization as a whole, and important news to its members.

The Fort Lauderdale Prime Timers held their July general membership meeting at 2:00 p.m. at the Florida Pride Center. This was a member-only meeting and was limited to 140 members because of space limitations. A 50-50 drawing was held and the winner received $200. Chicken and pork ribs were served to the members at no charge.

Isolation With Age

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When we are blessed with a long life, it has mixed blessings. On the positive side, we are able to witness and experience the technological changes that make life more informative and tasks easier to accomplish. However, with age also comes decreased vision and/or hearing loss that make that technology more difficult to use. The coming of the computer adds challenges to learn a new method of communicating and a new vocabulary. There is also an additional personal challenge as physical changes make it difficult to climb those mountains, travel to distant places, and other things we did when we were young.

In the month of April, 2016, an esteemed Life Member of Prime Timers Victoria BC chapter died: Barrie Chamberlin.

Somehow, I left out pictures from my April visit to Charlotte, NC, so I'm enclosing them in this article. In early June, I joined the men of our Indianapolis chapter and stayed with my generous hosts Kim and John. It had been 10 years since I visited that city and back then had worked with a group of men to get the chapter going.


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