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This area contains all of the news articles from the Prime Timers Worldwide quarterly newsletter.  They are listed in chronological order, with the most recent news article listed first.  Feel free to peruse this article archive; it is chock full of interesting stories from local chapters, the worldwide organization as a whole, and important news to its members.

The Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area, with its sixty miles of beaches and warm climate, is a combination resort and retirement destination. Many older gay men retire here not knowing anyone. Since 2007, Prime Timers has provided an instant network of friends they can enjoy being with who have had similar life experiences. Just as other chapters do, we include couples and singles from all walks of life.

We are a relatively new (2-year-old) chapter in mid-Missouri based in Columbia and our members live within a 30-mile radius of the city. Our group began with a Craigslist ad 4 years ago, asking for any gay men in the area who wanted to secretly get together. A dozen guys showed up answering the ad. We continued this way for a period of time. Then Roger Neil (past President and current Vice President) presented some information about Prime Timers and everyone thought that this was the way to go.

Heavy rain and cooler temperatures did not dampen the spirits of the attendees at the Carolinas PRIME Regional Event, held in North Myrtle Beach, SC at the Beach Cove Resort, October 25-28. Over 110 Prime Timers came from Denmark, Chicago, Boston, San Antonio, Dallas, Atlanta, Richmond, Norfolk, Knoxville, Charleston {WV}, several Florida chapters, Nevada, five North Carolina chapters, and, of course, the host state of South Carolina's Charleston, Myrtle Beach and Columbia chapters. In addition there were several guys who are not affiliated with a chapter AND, for a first at PRIME, there were four members of the Independent Chapter in attendance.

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Summer is now in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere. We associate summer with fun activities, like the movies we watch, the trips we take, and the events we attend. And then, there is music that reminds us about the good times of summer. How many songs with the title "summer" in them do you know? Take this pop quiz and see how well you can name the song title and the singer who sang them.


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