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Chapter news

Chapter news (358)

Find out what other Prime Timers chapters are doing all around the world.  If you are travelling, this is a good resource for connecting with Prime Timers members and partake in chapter activities during your journeys.  Be sure to read the chapter's newsletter for more details on their doings.

If you wish to contribute your own chapter news to be posted on the PTWW website, please click here. You must be logged in and already have permission to contribute.  Obtain permission by contacting the webmaster.

Seattle, Washington

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President Dan recalls his training in diplomatic school for an assignment years ago. He related diplomacy to everyday life situations. He reminds us to just be good to each other and to remember we are all Ambassadors. The steering committee decided that all members were sent a Valentine's Day card "in the spirit of outreach". The March newsletter has many pictures, including one of a deliciously iced birthday cake that says 215 Years of Happiness: Juan, Robert, and Dan.

Rhode Island / Providence

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Recently, there was a discussion if the chapter would physically participate in upcoming pride events. Some thought it would not benefit the chapter. An alternate plan was discussed where the chapter would support the printed booklet for pride. Member Chuck wrote a short story titled "Immigration" that has been published in their chapter's newsletter. He was inspired by a small item he saw at a thrift shop. Also in the newsletter is an upbeat article about prostate cancer.

Melbourne, Australia

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The Vintage Men promoted the Melbourne Queer Film Festival which ran for twelve days. Movie events regularly occur on their event calendar. In March they saw the English film "This Beautiful Fantastic" a romantic drama. A second film event in March was a showing of "Holy Air", a Middle East comedy about an Arab Christian and his Arab wife living in Nazareth.

Reno, Nevada

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The High Sierra Prime Timers March newsletter has an Irish theme for Irish American Heritage Month. There are green headlines, Shamrocks and Leprechauns here and there. They ran a story of an Irish American family that sent six brothers to World War II. All of them came home. The front page had an article about a new tax refund scam. The club is also thinking about its participation in Northern Nevada Pride coming up in July.


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