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Chapter news

Chapter news (310)

Find out what other Prime Timers chapters are doing all around the world.  If you are travelling, this is a good resource for connecting with Prime Timers members and partake in chapter activities during your journeys.  Be sure to read the chapter's newsletter for more details on their doings.

If you wish to contribute your own chapter news to be posted on the PTWW website, please click here. You must be logged in and already have permission to contribute.  Obtain permission by contacting the webmaster.

Calgary, Alberta

Written by | Published in: Chapter news |

The guys have two ongoing activities each week. Every Saturday morning at 10am, a group meets for coffee at Downtown Co-op. Address is 1130- 11th Avenue SW. Monday evenings at 7pm for those that enjoy shooting pool and a bunch get-together at Mr. Schnapps Pub and Restaurant located at 619 – 36th Avenue NE. Our thoughts are with their province, thinking of the terrible fire and evacuation of the city north of them.

Denver, Colorado

Written by | Published in: Chapter news |

186 members. The chapter will be working the Coors Beer booth at the Pridefest on June 18-19. This will be a good opportunity for the chapter to make some money. Rigid instructions and checking of the public wrist bands come with the job. I worked the beer booth years ago at the San Jose Gay Pride; it's a fun way to meet hundreds of people.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Written by | Published in: Chapter news |

70 members. Happy 25th Anniversary to the chapter going back to October 1990. They are making a CD, going through over 3,000 photos – no easy chore. As busy as these guys are, it will be a CD filled with memories, for sure.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Written by | Published in: Chapter news |

This bunch has a couple of every-week activities. With vacation time around the corner and three interstates going through town, we meet every Tuesday at 11am for lunch in Gusher's Café in the gay Habana Hotel. It is on I-44 at the Penn Avenue exit. Easy to see on the south side frontage road, just west of Penn. If you have stopped at the Habana for the night, join us. We'll pull up a chair.


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