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Chapter news

Chapter news (323)

Find out what other Prime Timers chapters are doing all around the world.  If you are travelling, this is a good resource for connecting with Prime Timers members and partake in chapter activities during your journeys.  Be sure to read the chapter's newsletter for more details on their doings.

If you wish to contribute your own chapter news to be posted on the PTWW website, please click here. You must be logged in and already have permission to contribute.  Obtain permission by contacting the webmaster.

Hamilton, Ontario

Written by | Published in: Chapter news |

Boy, is this a busy chapter! There is something going on every day of the week...except Monday when they let you sleep. Every Tuesday at 7pm out on Williams Pier, a coffee group meets. Also on Thursday at 10am, a bunch meets for coffee at Joey's Coffee Klatch on Main Street. Too, the hunky new member on his bike has several of the guys now interested in forming a bike riding group. I can see why.

Boston, Massachusetts

Written by | Published in: Chapter news |

"Join your fellow P/Ters at the Provincetown Inn on October 28-30 (3 days and 2 nights) for their annual Halloween Weekend of memorable camaraderie, shopping, browsing, dining, and downright fun. Prizes will be given for the best drag, and most humorous get-up." I have spoken to several who attended this bash, out on the tip of Cape Cod, and all have said it is a Halloween they will always remember. Hey, you, plan on going!

Chicago, Illinois

Written by | Published in: Chapter news |

The World Wide Convention is being held in Chicago October 29 – November 2, 2017. This will be Prime Timers 30th Anniversary. Registration before December 31th will be only 185 bucks. After December, the price will go up. The Hilton DoubleTree will be the host hotel. You'll have to contact the hotel yourself at 312-781-6100 after October 29th. For more info on the convention, visit www.chicagoprimetimers.org/convention. I've had a fun time every time I've been to the Windy City, so plan on going.

Graham, Texas

Written by | Published in: Chapter news |

This month, the guys will enjoy a get-together at A.J.'s and Stephen's home in the town of Ranger, out the interstate, west of Fort Worth. As this is a rural chapter, they always include a map for those travelling distances. They have members from as far away as Abilene. These rural Texans are a friendly group of men.


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