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Personal stories

Personal stories (26)

This area is for creative works contributed by you, our members.  Fiction, non-fiction, personal experiences, poems, observations are all welcome; please post anything that other members would find interesting and meaningful to enrich their own lives through your writings.  Copyrighted works from other sources are not permitted without permission.  Similarly, your posted material becomes public domain and available to read, use, and enjoy by everyone.  Please do not post works that you have already copyrighted or intend to copyright later.

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There's hope for VA!

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The Commonwealth of Virginia voted afew years ago via a constiutional ammendment that marriage can only be between a man and a woman.  If they started now and everything was YEAH!  and we know that won't happen, it would take over 3 years to change; however, if the Federal Goernment and or through the Supreme Court takes action there is hope for VA and other states.  Today the first step has been taken)  Below information is from the Executive Director of Equality Virginia!!

The ACLU of Virginia announced today that it will be filing suit in federal court to challenge the constitutionality of Virginia’s laws denying same sex couples the freedom to marry or to obtain legal recognition of any kind for their unions. Lawyers from the ACLU of Virginia will be part of a team of lawyers from the national ACLU and Lambda Legal that will be arguing that the Virginia constitution and statutes denying the freedom to marry violate the federal constitutional guarantee of equal protection under the law.


Earlier this month, I began to look around for something that might inspire me to write some words that might appropriately honor the gay veterans in our midst, in observance of Memorial Day weekend. Suffice to say, whether all of you know it or not, we have a large number of veterans in the Atlanta chapter, and we now keep a record in our database of whether or not each of our members is a veteran, if a member chooses to divulge that information. Today I've finally managed to come up with a few thoughts of my own as we begin our Memorial Day weekend.


Growing old aint easy, but it can be made a little easier. It's important to find solace with those you can relate to if you came out late in life, had a family but your coming out made it difficult, or are just looking for some friends in your age group. These issues are faced by the elderly, gay or straight. But Richmond's Prime Timers is here to make sure you don't walk it alone.


A Police Officer asked, “Why are you gay?”
I returned the question.
“Why are you straight?”
Respectfully, he replied, “Its normal!”
Calmly, I responded, “So it is for me too.”

While Victoria was at the forefront of the gay rights movement in the 1960s and 1970s, it still had not taken any lead for gay rights legislation until the establishment of the 1977 Equal Opportunity Act, to protect citizens from sexual harassment, victimisation and prejudice on the basis of their individual mannerisms in public life.

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