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Reflections On What Has Become And What Will Be

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I celebrate with all of us for the gift we have been given: our new Board of Directors. I watched the new board 'mesh' in their first meetings in Chicago in October. I listened on the recent board conference call meeting. This new board is fired up and full of energy, ideas and the ability to make things happen. These are all "my boys" and I am so proud of them. They are what is happening!

The Chicago Convention followed in the footsteps of other successful conventions. They showed us how to host a convention and make it work. The workshops were all successful and very well attended (standing room only). Both dinners were terrific; no one went away hungry. I was not aware of what the entertainment would be at the last night's banquet. What a wonderful surprise; it was one of the best convention entertainment shows I've ever seen and I didn't want it to end. At the end of each convention, there are usually a few people who would "grumble" about something they didn't like. I've heard only positive comments on this convention.

Now for the real work: the future for the new board. Their plans for the upcoming San Antonio Convention for 2019 is well under way with a kick off starting in Chicago. The hotel they've chosen is centrally located and right on River Walk. The room prices are wonderfully low (especially when we think of "2019 dollars"). The registration rates are great! Having seen and gone over their contract with the hotel, I can tell you what a great time you will have and that we'll each be getting great value for our dollars spent.

We're entering into a new era as an organization. We are starting off with the loss of two chapters: New York and Fort Lauderdale. This means we have some organizational work to do to fire up people to work with forming new chapters in this area; the sooner the better. We have some new chapters to support to ensure their success and we have several chapters being formed.

In the coming year, you will see many changes to the look and "feel" of our website, as our webmaster, Tom Hammond, continues to refine, enhance and simplify our wonderful website. Our new newsletter editor, Adrian Liau, will be lending his expertise to our newsletter, Prime Times, and you'll see that starting with this issue but definitely with the next issue. As the year progresses, the newsletter will go fully electronic and its delivery streamlined. Through increased contact, chapters will get to know board members and interact with them directly.

Change is good! It is the time of year when chapters are seeking new members for nomination to their boards. Do it! Give it a try! Make yourself part of the direction and future of your chapter. Recently I encouraged a friend to run for the board not out of the vacancy on the board but, rather, what the participation would do for him, personally, and how he would get to know members better. Lastly, honor your members for their participation in hosting events throughout the year. There's nothing like a warm and gentle pat on the back.

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