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The Imperfection of Swans

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By Brandon Witt

Review by
Steve Therrien

This was a wonderful gay romance that ventured beyond the stereotypical story where two hunky guys meet and fall in love, where everything is usually too perfect and not like real life.


Kevin, our main character, although he is handsome and seems to be perfect on the outside, has some serious issues he is dealing with.

He is the product of an unusual family, having two moms who are lesbians and gay uncle Tony.

Kevin has just gone through a divorce having been married to Scott, who looks like he just stepped off the cover of a men's fashion magazine. Living in Boston's ritzy Beacon Hill, Kevin has lived a life of privilege with all of its trappings. His dream is to open a wedding dress boutique and get out of working for an insurance company spending his days in a cubicle.

He is on the verge of making his dream come true when he runs short of some money to get his new business up and running. Enter Casper, a baker who would like to open a wedding cake business but who is not quite as handsome and altogether as Kevin, but he's got the funding that would help Kevin to get his business off the ground.

Although there is a spark of interest between these two they decide to "keep it professional" with the purchase of a brownstone in a fashionable section of Boston, the intention of turning it into their wedding dress/cake boutique.

Kevin is very serious about his appearance and when he starts to lose weight. Casper becomes concerned that there is something seriously wrong with Kevin.

The book deals with the very serious issues of anxiety and eating disorders. Kevin is bulimic and must deal with this issue if his business and relationship with Casper is ever going to amount to anything.

Casper is very supportive of Kevin and finds himself falling in love with him. While Kevin is very self-critical, the reader sees him through the eyes of Casper who thinks that Kevin is perfect.

The difficult nature of treating an eating disorder such as bulimia is made real through the eyes of Casper who has trouble understanding why Kevin feels like he is fat and unattractive.

The book deals with this topic very effectively while at the same time developing a serious love story between the two main characters. The secondary characters are also well written and important to the overall story.

The Audible version of this book is narrated by Kirt Graves who does an excellent job with all of the characters. Kirt has the gift of making the narration seamless with the rest of the book to the point where the reader forgets it is being narrated. The different voices he uses go well with each character, even the females.

Overall, I rated this book five out of five stars for both the story and the narration. I highly recommend it to those who are interested in M/M romance books.


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