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A Matter of Time

by Mary Calmes

Jory Keyes is a young gay playboy type who likes to go clubbing and entertains one-night stands. After witnessing a murder, however, his life is changed forever.

Suddenly, there are people out to get him and he finds himself under the protection of detective Sam Kage, an older man who is straight. Sam's opinion of Jory's lifestyle is not very high, but throughout the course of the book he finds himself being more and more protective and worse yet, attracted to the younger man.

Jory has a problem with being protected and breaks protocol. More than once he goes into dangerous situations, causing Sam to step in and get him out of danger.

Sam is a big, rugged hunk of a guy and Jory also finds himself being attracted to him. The character of Jory is a little shallow, but develops further in other books in the series. Sam, however, is a pretty solid character who wrestles with the fact that he is attracted to this younger man.

The book is about this chemistry as it develops between the two. My only problem with the book is that both characters are perfect "tens" in appearance and aren't very realistic. Every woman wants them and every man wants them, also. They each apparently have relationship problems that they have dealt with, but as they are described in reality, they could probably have anyone they want.

Overall, the book is very good and entertaining with lots of drama and humor added in. There is plenty of hot sex scenes between the two main characters to help you with your fantasies. The book is part of a series, though I'll give you fair warning that it ends in a cliffhanger. I gave it four stars out of five.

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