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Founder Filosophy

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Everyone thinks when you get old that your troubles cease; all you have to do is sit home all day, watch television, complain about your aches and pains (who listens?), worry why the kids don't call (these kids are 60 years old), become obsessed with the weather, take pills, etc.

Things you miss: no salary increases, no promotions, no holidays, no wild Friday and Saturday nights because you don't have to go to work tomorrow, no two-week vacations, no time away from your spouse, and the list goes on.

You're convinced you have no good friends, no sex, no fun, no persons to play games with, no travel companions, no one who is interested in the same things you are, no way to meet an LTR, no status; in summary, you're not worth anything to anyone.

Well, my dear brother; it doesn't have to be. There is now something you can do about all this. The readers of this newsletter are blessed to have an outlet where life can be worthwhile again, where your calendar can have few blank spaces, fun is available, a good possibility for sex of the kind most seniors don't have, and a good opportunity to meet Mr. Right. You can have friends to join you in eating out, traveling, playing games, and all those goodies you remember as fun when you were 37.

It is called Prime Timers. If your attitude is right, blessings are many. You can be worthwhile again by doing your part in bringing happiness to older gay and bisexual men; you can have as much fun as you are willing to put into the activities. You've taken the first step; you have joined. Now make the good things happen by being active in your chapter. Independents are a chapter.

Let the good times roll.

One member said to me once, "I no longer hate growing old". Wow! What a powerful thing that is when you realize that our organization has had such a significance. What has Prime Timers meant to me? I could write a book. You have made my old age more meaningful and pleasurable than I ever thought possible. Thanks so much.
I love you all.

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