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We Remember September 11, 2001

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The nation watched, enrapt in horror on September 11, 2001 as the tragedy of the planes hitting the World Trade Center in New York City unfolded. Later, we were to learn a plane also hit the Pentagon and another crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. At our Tuesday lunch in Gusher's at the Habana and then at our general meeting the following Sunday, the guys were asked where they were when they first heard of the tragedy happening and their immediate reaction. Here are some of the replies:

Alex: In OKC at the 89th and Penn postal substation. Someone said a plane had hit the WTC tower, so all went to the break room to watch TV. Someone had earphones on and said that there were three other planes. Then the group watched as the second plane flew into the tower (the others being the ones hitting the Pentagon and crashing into the field). I then watched the big A-WAC's taking off from Tinker AFB, heading for the coasts.


Allen: I was at home getting ready to go to work here in OKC. My mom called, saying to turn-on the TV as a plane had hit the WTC. While watching, the second plane hit. I stayed home from work, all day watching the TV in shock.

Dennis: I was in Denver. I worked next door to the Denver World Trade Center. We watched the whole thing unfold on the TV in the break room. The WTC next door closed, so we were all told to go home.

Earl: I was aboard the U.S.S. Norway over the spot where the Titanic had sunk. It was a shipboard memorial service over the sinking. The announcement came over our loud speaker. All the New Yorkers on board panicked. Continuing the cruise on to France, we found almost everything closed.

Jack, a visitor from the San Antonio chapter: I was in Jonesboro, Arkansas working with the FAA. We needed to get all planes out of the sky and back on the ground immediately.

Rusty: In Brownwood, Texas at work. The secretary had the TV on. I thought at first it was a movie.

Zach: I was in Long Beach, California. At the coffee shop, everything was silent and all customers and servers were standing, watching the TV. As the second plane hit the tower, all screamed or yelled, "No!"

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