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Memories of Buckhorn Inn

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Do you remember that time when we had the windows open at that dilapidated cabin in the mountains and the skunk came up?" Both of us burst out laughing. The other said, "The one where you got shocked on a raw wire because you had to iron your boxer shorts, where you tried to run off the raccoons by beating on the dumpster, and, you slept in your clothes because you were afraid of getting bedbugs? What was the name of that place?" The other shouted out through laughter, "The Buckhorn Inn!" The other replied, "Oh, yes, the Buckhorn Inn."

Memories are much more fun when shared with someone who experienced them with you. To share a moment that both of you can relate to bonds a friendship or partnership and adds meaning to experiences large and small. Weddings of gay men are now among the mix of events that provide memories for couples and their friends share. Cruises to foreign ports, travels within your own country, or things as small as flea market visits can add to the bank of common memories.

It is wonderful to live at a time when our relationships can be shared openly in public – except in some countries where gay relationships are forbidden. Here we are able to say "WE" in sharing a story about a trip or experience. Gay partnerships of forty or fifty years are becoming more common and friendships of a lifetime are a part of most lives. What happens when the memory mill of partnership, marriage, or friendship ends with the death of one of you?

Prime Timers can be a positive, supplementary force in the necessary adjustments that come with the loss of a loved one. The establishment of a network of friends for support in good times and bad is an important safety net to add to church, family, and neighbors. In a relationship, it is the one left behind that must cope with the change in life's pattern. Having the support and friendship of your fellow Prime Timers can get you out of the house and with friends who share your loss. Events provide respite from those times of recollection alone.

When Woody Baldwin founded Prime Timers in 1987, it began as a way to provide older gentlemen an opportunity to get out and have some fun. It has become much more over these thirty years. Fast friendships (and in many cases partnerships) have formed. We are at the bedside when a Prime Timer passes away, support the grieving partner with love and encouragement to live on, provide opportunities to enjoy life at whatever age we find ourselves physically, and perpetuate the truth that life is not over because we are still young-at-heart.

If you are not actively participating in Prime Timers, it is time to start. Whether you are a couple or single, a chapter in your city can offer a group of friends for support and fun. Memories are there to be made away from that recliner in front of your TV. You need to live even if you are physically old. Life is full of memories to be made and Prime Timers is there to help. Perhaps there's a story of being shocked by a worn-out appliance at a dilapidated Buckhorn Inn while ironing your skivvies or other adventure awaiting you to discover it! Enjoy life and find support in Prime Timers.


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