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Expanding By Cutting Costs And Reducing Budgets

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Once again, many of our chapters have received a second gift from our founder, Woody Baldwin. The executor of his will completed the distribution of Woody's wishes: donations to the chapters he loved so much. These funds have gone to all of the current chapters that existed in good standing at the time of Woody's passing in April of 2016. How can the chapters acknowledge this wonderful gift? By promoting Worldwide activities in their monthly newsletters in order to form stronger bonds with Prime Timers Worldwide.

In the past few years, we've watched our expenses soar and as a result, have had to increase budgets to meet those costs. We've questioned how to remedy the situation. So, it's time for a whole new way of thinking. The Prime Timers Worldwide newsletters are one of the best marketing tools we have. Yet, the cost of producing and distributing them can run as high as $1,350 per month. Subscriptions in no way cover these costs.

Wherever I go, members tell me how much they enjoy reading it. We send out notices to announce each online publication to the chapters with each edition. Many chapters send a link to their members to the online newsletter. Some have even taken to sending it to all their members as an email attachment. Still, the numbers are low. We have a way of recording how many "hits" the online newsletter gets and the results are dismal.

In the near future, chapters will be asked to send the Worldwide board a confidential list of members' email addresses. It will still preserve members' privacy. It should look something like this: "Michael S. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.". I have spoken with five chapter presidents and they are all in agreement. We will cut way back on printing editions, but still have some available for distribution for Pridefests and special events. There can also be individual subscriptions, which will, hopefully pay for themselves. The Worldwide Secretary will email every member directly a copy of each issue at no cost. I'm looking forward to this fresh approach because I know how important it is to get a copy into the hands of each and every member.

On October 30, we will have a new Worldwide Board. It will be filled with bright individual thinkers and hard workers; just the kind of men Woody Baldwin envisioned. We are seeking a volunteer newsletter editor for one or both of our current newsletters: "Prime Times" and "Outs and Ins". Please come forward! We will work with you and help you get started. It can be whatever size you determine because printing costs will no longer be factored in. Please contact me or Gary Payne to discuss this. Thanks and continue to enjoy the summer.


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