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Prime Timers Worldwide Board of Directors Election

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Yes, it is that time again. This October, we will have a new Board. The election will take place at the Worldwide Convention in Chicago this October (see page 4 for more information).

I ask that chapters announce to your members that anyone can run for a position on the PTWW Board. We need members to step forward and help as there are lot of changes that our Board needs to make. We need to bring our bylaws up-to-date. Many changes have been made over the years, but our bylaws need to be updated. We really need a Newsletter Editor to step forward and take over our "Prime Times" and "Outs and Ins" newsletters as our webmaster needs to spend more time updating the PTWW website and design new chapter websites that are needed. Our webmaster stepped forward and did the newsletter as it was not being produced. We are thankful for that, but we need someone who is only dedicated to the newsletter.

All the Board positions are open. Each chapter will receive instructions on how to nominate someone from your chapter. We have some concerns from chapters about the Board and the only way to make changes is to run for a position. Please consider running for a position. Prime Timers Worldwide needs you.

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