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Key Contact Information, Is It Current?

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As the Chicago convention approaches, important communications will be sent by email to the Prime Timers chapters. Generally, they are sent to the Chapter President and the Chapter Liaison, but sometimes to the postal mailing address. If the PTWW database does not have correct information about these email addresses or postal mailing addresses, some chapters will miss out on important information.

Every year, each chapter receives a Chapter Information Sheet (CIS) which displays key data elements recorded in the database. Chapters are asked to review this information and provide any updates so that the information is up-to-date. Chapters hold elections at various times during the year and are requested to report changes as they become effective. The term "Liaison" is used to refer to a secondary contact for the chapter. If the email address for the Chapter President is not current, the Liaison will also get the message and will distribute to other chapter contacts. There are any number of reasons that an email address is no longer correct, ranging from a new email address that went unreported, new members elected to office, a sudden resignation, or even death. The Liaison can be another officer or another member of the chapter who knows to whom to direct such messages. It should not be the Chapter President as that defeats the intent of the Liaison designation.

Please report any changes to the Chapter Information Sheet data to the special email box, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., especially the major email addresses. Thank you for keeping me informed.

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