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Of Trees and Men

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BECAUSE they're old,

Because they are like trees,

Because old trees should never be uprooted,

Because their limbs are long and widespread,

Because old trees are deep and well established,

Because their sap is dense, sweet and pungent,

Because old trees remember.

Because their wisdom gilds the sharpness of the seasons,

Because their flighty memories perch in silvery lace,

Because they're trees,

Because they're old.

Because old trees are bound to die standing tall,

Because they are entitled to reach out,

Because they are supposed to mingle with each other,

Because they bow their heads together high above,

Because they dream of worlds and forests beyond reach,

Because their time is short and precious,

Because they ought to enjoy an everlasting autumn,

Because they hum the songs of hope and friendship,

Because they're old,

Because they are like trees.

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