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Chapter Dues and Information Sheet

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The annual PTWW Dues Letter and Chapter Information Sheet were sent to the chapters in mid-December so every chapter should have it by the time you read this. The Dues Letter was sent by postal mail to the mailing address of each chapter. An email with both the Dues Letter and the Chapter Information Sheet (CIS) was sent to email addresses shown the PTWW database for the chapter president, liaison and treasurer.

Multiple addressees were used to cover several recipients to improve the chances of the timely responses. In the recent years, only the email went out to the chapter president and liaison. When new officers are elected during the year, not all that information is forwarded to the PTWW secretary so the database may not be up-to-date and as a result, the chapter contacts were not always accurate.

The chapter dues are payable by January 31, 2017 based on chapter membership on December 31, 2016. A preaddressed envelope was included with the postal mailing to facilitate return of the dues payment. New chapters started in 2016 have the dues payment waived for the first year.

The CIS is the main source of information to update the PTWW database and periodically extracts are distributed to the board members. A special extract of the database is also done for the webmaster to keep chapter information on the PTWW website up-to-date. When the webmaster gets requests for updating the website, it is passed along to the secretary for database updates. Chapters are reminded that when there are changes to any information about their chapter, they should submit the updated information to the PTWW secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There is a CIS form in PDF Format on the PTWW website to assist you. It can be found under the "Tell Us" menu under Chapter Information > Chapter Information Sheet.

Thank you in advance to submitting your dues payment in a timely manner and providing updates to the CIS at the beginning of the year and whenever changes occur.


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