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Make It Fun!

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Each November, a group from the Prime Timers meet at the outskirts of San Antonio where thousands of people flock to walk through the stalls of one of the area's largest flea markets. The object of this trek is a treasure hunt where the members scour the booths and stalls for the most interesting object they can find for $10 or under within a one-hour treasure hunt. At the appointed time, the treasure hunters meet at the judging tables for the unveiling and judging of the hunter's find.

This year's hunt uncovered a bit of Texas history, cowboy art, sexual "equipment", and a variety of artistic treasures. During the judging, objects were demonstrated to the hunters by a panel of Prime Timer judges without the knowledge of whose object they were demonstrating. Peals of laughter burst from the group as the objects were vilified or admired by the group of hunters. Heads of shoppers turned to see what was causing all the commotion. here were mishaps as when one of the contestants "nipple clamps" got a bit frisky with Jack Nimmo's nipples but for the most objects were just plain fun.

At the end of judging, Gene's token from Texas history won first place and the traveling trophy until the next treasure hunt. His find was from the famous "Chicken Ranch" in LaGrange Texas which was made famous in the musical "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas". The back side read "good for an all day visit". The traveling trophy is a male urinal found in a previous Prime Timer Treasure Hunt.

I am sure a Prime Timer in your chapter has used some imagination and found an interesting and inexpensive way to spend a day of fellowship together to make others laugh and just have some fun. No? Well, you'd be surprised what someone might come-up with when they look at the member interests on your applications. In the case of this San Antonio Treasure Hunt, flea markets and antiques were two of the most frequently mentioned interests. Using those interests and knowing a huge flea market was conveniently located, the idea of a Treasure Hunt was developed. During that hour, the contestants were bombarded with "eye candy" and stimulated by objects they thought were a sure winner or that would make everyone laugh. We made it fun! Find a creative Prime Timer in your chapter and turn him loose with his imagination. You can make it fun, too.

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