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Founder Filosophy

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Now that I am over 80, I figure I have earned the right to be cantankerous, forgetful, stupid, helpless, etc. I've also earned the right to be preachy, nostalgic, proud, sentimental, etc.


And, believe me, I am exercising those rights to the maximum. It took a lot of stuff I didn't know I had to get this old; so if there is anything to be squeezed out of the experience, I think it is incumbent upon me to cash in my rights.

I'll probably be cantankerous tomorrow; but tonight bear with me as I am in one of my sentimental modes. Perhaps it is because I went to a funeral today. I can't understand why, of course, but death seems to have more meaning now than it did when I was 20. Someday you can explain that to me. I was inspired by this poem that was printed on the program.

One of the reasons I am so in love with Prime Timers is that it has given me the opportunity to think, as founder of it, that maybe there is "something good that I have done". As I sometimes express it, "I merely turned on the ignition; it is the rest of you who have kept the motor running." And, believe me, for those of you who have worked with Prime Timers, that's doing good.

As I visit chapters, I am besieged with testimonials about the wonderful ways in which our organization has enriched lives. "I have always had a consuming fear of growing old — I don't have that any more"; "Prime Timers saved me from committing suicide — my psychiatrist recommended the club to me"; "Before Prime Timers, I didn't have a social calendar — I didn't need it because I had no social life"; "My partner and I were just couch potatoes — now we are truly enjoying life", etc. etc. etc.

But the rewards I cherish are not mine alone. You can get the same feeling by the simple act of recommending Prime Timers membership to someone you know who is lonely and depressed; or, through some contribution of time or effort, help your chapter to reach its full potential. Prime Timers is a vehicle through which you can easily bring happiness to deserving men and get that cherished feeling of having done something really good.


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