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There are so many advantages to being 90+, I don't know why I didn't start sooner. I dreaded it and looked forward to it at the same time. Go ahead and plan for it; it's a piece of cake (or should I say candy?)

For Christmas, I got so much candy, I put on some more girth (just what I didn't need). I had a friend once who told all his family, "Don't give me anything for Christmas that I can't eat". I didn't tell anyone but it just happened, and it shouldn't to a chocolate addict like yours truly. But when you are 90, no one cares if you get fatter; they're not planning to sexually abuse you anyhow (abuse? I am so naive I've always thought it was fun!).

I was at a comedy club once when the comic asked an "elderly" man in the audience, "Are you gay or straight?" The guy said, "Listen, son, at my age you take what you can get and don't ask questions."

In this fun time of your life, people help you across the street whether you wanted to go or not. They get in your way by helping you out of the car when you can do it better alone. They give you their seat making you feel guilty for their having to stand. Don't think for a minute that such courtesies are not appreciated; standing makes your "feel good" hurt so much more when you stand with arthritic knees.
Did you notice that once you reached 65, people started telling you how good you look? Makes you feel good. Then also they tell you how much younger you look than your current age. Makes you feel good.

Then, you look in the mirror. Makes you feel bad. You realize and live with the fact that, yes, you look your age. But that fact is counterbalanced with the thought that you are older than you ever dreamed of being.

You think you are retired, but old age is a full-time job taking 20 pills a day, exercising, applying pain killer, visiting doctors, relaxing, drinking liquids, etc., there is no time to live. But you're already accustomed to doing all these things since 65, you have a solution all worked out; it can be described in one word: "procrastinate." Who's going to know? You start your day by prioritizing all the nothings you will do.

Now, aren't you glad you're 90+!!!

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