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Social Skills Within Prime Timers

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How do others see you? Are you approachable, friendly, and accepting of others? Some people tend to be gregarious with others and have no problem with meeting and including new people. However, for the majority of us, this doesn't come naturally and involves "work" on our part. One of the problems of being in a group is that we tend to define our "comfort zone" within the group then proceed to stay within those limits, but the unfortunate result of this behavior is the formation of "cliques". A clique is defined as a small, exclusive group of people. While cliques of themselves are not necessarily negative things, it is the "exclusive" part that can damage the larger social group particularly when that group has been designed to reach-out and include others.


The core values of Prime Timers Worldwide are wrapped up in the following vision and mission statements: "A world that accepts and celebrates all human diversity" and "Bringing together mature gay and bisexual men for friendship, personal growth, activities, and support".

In order for us to accomplish this, we must be open and accepting of others who come into our groups. We must emphasize what brings us together, while putting aside those issues that would divide us. We all have the basic human need to be loved and to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. One of the results of our groups is the formation of close friendships. While this is a very good thing, we must be careful to still include the newcomers in our conversations and activities. We all know how it feels to be the "new man" in town and some people will handle this situation better than others. This is where we need to work a little harder to include those who may be on the shy side, those finding it difficult to blend in to a group. While we work hard to form friendships, bear in-mind that it does not stop there, there should always be room for another new friend. Challenge yourself to sit with different people for meals and also to introduce yourself to someone you don't know very well at each meeting. You and the entire group will be rewarded for your efforts. A healthy group should always be adding new people to its ranks, forming healthy friendships as opposed to codependent ones. If we all strive for these goals then we will meet our basic core values as Prime Timers.


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