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One of the magazines that I read has a monthly column in which celebrities of one kind or other tells what he or she has learned. Since I am not a celebrity, I have chosen to talk about what I have not learned.


After several years as octogenarian, I still don't understand American politics. Now that we are immersed in an election of major importance, it is politics as usual. It seems we still do not select our government officials on a basis of what they can do for the lives of us ordinaries, but instead select them because of whom or how many they slept with, their physical makeup (sexual components, skin color, etc.), friends of thirty years ago, which church they attended in the past or present, and the list goes on. Instead of focusing on issues, the party leaders are busy trying to see how many "negatives" they can find on the other party's candidate and how to respond to the accusations against their own party. Why is it that when a politician of one party suggests something, the other party is automatically against it regardless of its effect on us? Perhaps I'm a slow learner.

And while I'm in this optimistic mood (joke), I have not learned why human beings are prejudiced against other bona fide, card carrying human beings because of their race, sexual orientation (I cringe when they use the word "preference"), gender, nationality, religion, or whatever. There are good and bad individuals among all these classifications, but the good in all far outnumber the bad. And we all have our own definition of good and bad. OK, if you must hate, hate so called bad individuals, but don't focus your hatred on the entire classification. I haven't learned.

And I have not learned why we cannot find a better way of settling differences between nations (or even within them) than taking the precious lives of innocent human beings. Depression comes easily to me when I think of my wonderful, promising young friends who died in wars. Why not me, God? Is my life any more precious than theirs? I don't think so yet theirs was snuffed out by war.

Enough of these rants and raves; I should be using this time to suggest ways of righting these wrongs. Procrastination. I'll write that letter tomorrow.


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