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In Memoriam: Walker Meade

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Written by  | Published in: Click to show all news

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of friend and fellow Prime Timer, Walker Meade. Walker passed away peacefully in early February after a short illness.

He joined Prime Timers Sarasota in November of 2004. He jumped right in, attending most of our activities. He joined the board and served many years as our group's secretary, doing a great job. Many of us will also remember him for the great conversationalist he was. He was tall with a booming voice and held a commanding physical presence!


Walker Meade was one of New York's most successful publishers. He was both President and Editor-in-Chief of Avon Books and was responsible for publishing the following best-sellers: All The President's Men, Final Days, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Watership Down, Oliver's Story, The Thornbirds, Wicked Loving Lies, Compromising Positions, and A Hundred Years of Solitude.

Upon moving to Sarasota, he wrote his own best selling novel, Unspeakable Acts, which many of us enjoyed reading. In recent months, he wrote frequently for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune as a contributor to the Health & Fitness and Arts & Entertainment sections. You've seen his picture on the back cover.

He is survived by his husband of 25 years, Michael McClelland, a musician with the Sarasota Orchestra.

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