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Book Review

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A Book You'll Want to Read

Reviewed by:
Neal Downe
Oklahoma City Prime Timers

The car radio is often tuned to NPR. My being a reader, the Book Club's discussions of, and call-ins on the specific book being discussed is of interest. It includes live interviews with the authors, with the author answering the many questions of the callers. That particular day, the author was the actor, writer, producer, and director John Waters. Being familiar with some of his more recent works (such as "Hairspray"), I paid attention to the book being discussed. Opting the next day to visit our friendly Half-Priced Books store, the clerk immediately told me, "You'll love this book. I laughed all the way through it." Well, yes, parts of it are laugh out-loud. Here is a trip to put on your bucket list...well, for some it would be fun. But for others, maybe not.


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Last modified on Friday, 15 April 2016 10:47


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