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Central Iowa Prime Timers Weekend Getaway

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Central Iowa Prime Timers Weekend Getaway Photo courtesy Jim Olin

Landing at the tiny Des Moines airport and seeing the Southwest ticket counter next to the ground floor baggage claim made us wonder about our decision to travel here. The drive to the hotel was a little more reassuring seeing peonies blooming. We passed a lake with towering Locust trees and great Cottonwoods starting their release of cotton snow.

Joe and I first met former SAPT member Robert Logan when we walked into the hotel lobby. Our travel fatigue was beginning to leave us. Our room overlooked the Des Moines river walk. We could see the runners, walkers and on Saturday, marathoners along the river.

We had lunch furnished by Central Iowa Prime Timers and had conversation with some new folks. We met guys from St. Louis, Chicago, Minneapolis, Manitoba, Nebraska, and distant parts of Iowa. Attending was a mayor of a nearby Iowa city and a political committeeman involved in the Iowa Caucuses. Everyone had a story to tell. We soon saw former San Antonio Prime Timers Stu Ansel and David Gage. Stu and David are now married and live in Des Moines.

On Friday, we took a guided tour of Des Moines and there was a lot to see. The art museum had a nice collection and the architecture of the building was in itself worth the tour. We were allowed in before the museum opened to the public. Then there was the Pappajohn sculpture park which was started with a forty million dollar family donation of sculpture. It is downtown on four acres of parkland.

After lunch, we headed to the state capitol. The modest sized building was grand inside. We all liked the senate, house chambers, governors office and the law library with its spiral staircase at each end going up to the
four higher levels of stacks.

For dinner, Jose and I went to the East Village with a Minneapolis friend and ate at a local Greek restaurant. Another time we walked around the compact East Village area, saw the local gay bars, specialty shops and ate at a Mexican inspired place called Tacopocalypse.

Saturday was devoted to inside activities. We had lunch with three short presentations. Saturday's banquet featured a charity fundraiser Condom Fashion show after dinner. It was mostly drag queens, hunky guys and a lot of fun. By the time Sunday rolled around we agreed that Iowa Prime Timers put on a classy weekend event and Des Moines is a great city.

Joe and I are registered for the Central Oklahoma Prime Timers Labor Day Getaway and the October 11 to 14th and the Prime Timer Worldwide convention in Las Vegas. You can go to www.primetimersww.com or call Jim Olin at 512-398-4763 for more information.

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